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Showing Kunga and Reserve Best, plus Garrison’s Family

When Alxe Noden’s blue Great Dane Kunga grew into a fine example of his breed, the novice owner ventured into the show ring with the encouragement of the big dog’s breeder. Noden’s introduction to the dog show world is chronicled in her new book, “Showing Kunga: From Pet Owner to Dog Show Junkie.” In an excerpt from the chapter titled, “Losing,” Noden gets familiar with the notion that everybody loses a whole lot more than they win.

Reserve Best in Show has been awarded at AKC conformation shows for a little less than a month now, and Blogger-in-Chief Billy Wheeler is wondering what impact – if any – it has had on the show scene. Find out if the new award is making a difference for exhibitors, judges and for the sport.

Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn’s Bouvier Garrison is always happy for the attention he gets from the kids he meets. When Pilar’s family was in town recently, the big dog proved a devoted playmate – and protector – to her niece and nephew. Find out how a silly game with the kids gave Garrison a chance to expand his family by two.

I’ll be at the Salem Civic Center in Salem, Va., this weekend for the Roanoke Kennel Club’s 116th all-breed dog show. If you have plans to attend the Mountain Valley Cluster, please be sure to stop by the Irish Water Spaniel ring on Saturday and say hello.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

‘Showing Kunga': an Outsider’s View of the Dog Show World

By Best In Show Daily

Alxe Noden wasn’t planning to write a book when she started showing her blue Great Dane Kunga. She’d gotten him as a pet and made it clear to his breeder that she didn’t want a show dog. As he grew into a fine example of his breed, his breeder asked Noden to keep him intact until his sperm could be saved for future use. Because she was going to have an intact dog, Noden decided to give showing him a try.more

Garrison’s Family Just Got Bigger
By Pilar Kuhn

The relationship between my Bouvier Garrison and my niece and nephew changed significantly during their recent visit.

Usually when Garrison is around kids, he’s wearing his service vest, being an incredible ambassador of the breed. He’ll have 18 kids standing around him, staring at him and petting him. He’s happy to have the attention, and he helps teach kids how to behave around dogs. more

Revisting the Reserve Best in Show
By Billy Wheeler

When the Reserve Best in Show award was first proposed, I heard a lot of enthusiasm about it. After all, it was another way to get your moment in the spotlight. There were a few naysayers. At least one amateur owner/handler was certain the RBIS was designed as a consolation prize for her. Well, we have now completed a full month with the Reserve award. Let’s see how it’s going. more

Olympic and AKC Records

By Billy Wheeler

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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