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Team Flyball and Celebrating a Tradition

“Flyball is virtually the only dog sport which requires multiple people and dogs to perform together as a single team.” So writes Editor Susan Chaney in her report on the fast-paced contests that bring dogs and their handlers together to compete in a series of relay races. Having fun is the name of this game, and a simple reward is all that is needed to motivate dogs of every size to run the course as they raise the roof.

Every American dog show begins with the playing of the national anthem. In today’s Down and Back, Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn honors “The Star Spangled Banner” by offering advice to early-morning exhibitors who may be anxious to get their dogs ready for the ring. By providing a moment for reflection, our nation’s hymn allows us to celebrate the traditions and freedoms we enjoy.

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

It Takes a Team to Play Flyball
By Susan Chaney

Flyball is virtually the only dog sport which requires multiple people and dogs to perform together as a single team.

In almost every other canine performance event, one handler and one or more dogs make up the competing unit. It’s true for agility, dock diving, conformation, obedience, flying disc and sledding, to name just a few.

It certainly takes a lot of people to put on a sporting event, quite a huge team actually, or to create a top show dog, but when it comes time to compete, it’s just the handler and the dogmore


Best In Show Daily

Celebrating an American Tradition

By Pilar Kuhn

For those of us who arrive to set up early on dog show days, we know that about 10 minutes before the first ring time, we await the playing or singing of the national anthem of the United States of America.

If an overseas judge is present, some kennel clubs choose to play the national anthem of the visiting judge’s home country. This is done out of respect for both the judge and for his or her homeland.

I think the only groups to hear the national anthem played as often as we dog show people are dedicated sports fans. When the first few notes are played, everyone stops what they’re doing out of respect for the song that embodies the spirit of the American fight for independence. more

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Pilar Kuhn
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