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Terry Albert – Dog Lover and Artist Extraordinaire

Terry Albert – Dog Lover and Artist Extraordinaire

I have known Terry for quite a while – initially as a dog writer. Then I discovered her incredible artistic talent too!

Terry’s involvement with purebred dogs began the way so many people do – started with a problem dog and moved  into showing and competing. “I adopted a Sheltie that was dog aggressive, so I just kept training. Next thing I knew we were competing successfully in obedience, and I began working at a training center. Meanwhile, professionally, I was a product illustrator and art director in the retail advertising business.”

Logo Design for 2013 Labrador Retriever National

For Terry, there are three breeds that truly make her heart beat faster. Collies are first in her heart. “Collies are magnificent and noble. My very first collie was the epitome of Lassie. Next a Labrador Retriever joined us and that breed stole my heart! Plus a gorgeous Sheltie that gave the Collie a run for its money.” Terry shares her home and her heart with a variety of dogs today.

Terry majored in art in college and always had a love of animals. As she says, when she left the advertising business, her life went to art and to the dogs. Her dog aggressive Sheltie, Sherman, was the subject of her first pet portrait.

Tri-Color Australian Shepherd working

Perfecting her art is a never ending quest for Terry. “You’ve heard of the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. I’m sure I’ve done at least 1,000 paintings over the last 20 years, and I am still learning. I began working in colored pencil, and today I work in acrylics, colored pencil, and sometimes pastels. I have no idea how long it takes me to do a painting.  I sometimes work three hours at a stretch, sometimes, 20 minutes. And I always have to get away from it for a day so I see it with fresh eyes before I deliver the finished piece.”

Terry’s art has been exhibited at major shows & museums, winning major awards and is collected by fanciers world-wide. She won for Mixed Media at the Art Show at the Dog Show. She has exhibited paintings of Komondors and Irish Water Spaniel art at the Dog Museum. Her commissions have included artwork for many breed clubs for their specialty logos – including the Labrador Retriever Club. In addition, Terry has won multiple awards from the DWAA (Dog Writers Association of America.)

Australian Terrier Club’s 50th Anniversary art print and Logo Design

Three pieces vie for the label of “Terry’s favorite”. “Maybe the Australian Terrier Club’s 50th Anniversary art print. Or this year’s LRC logo. And an Australian Shepherd painting that makes me smile.”

Terry is still active as a writer as well. She has written five dog books. Her most recent book is Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Month by Month. Soon to be published is Breed Lover’s Guide: Collies, from TFH Publishing. She is also the editor of the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue newsletter, SPDR Speaks!

Irish Water Spaniels

As with so many of us, Terry feels a debt to those who have helped her along the way. “I have to thank Colleen McDaniel, (Irish Water Spaniels) for buying some of my first work and convincing me I could do this! Nina Mann (Labrador Retrievers) gave me my first club commission for the LRC 1994 National Specialty poster and t-shirt designs. What a thrill that was and still is. Special thanks to my friend and mentor, Liz Palika, a prolific writer and my first obedience instructor. She was already a pro while I was just dreaming of dogs, dog art and writing.”

Other examples of Terry’s work can be found here:

http://terry-albert.artistwebsites.com Fine Art America- cards and prints of my art

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  • heather
    Heather rife dvm November 16, 2013 at 12:58 PM

    I am lucky enough to have the Australian terrier picture from our nationals. It hangs in my veterinary office. It’s quite a work of art!

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