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Testing for Brucellosis and Assisting Handlers

Information is the best tool to have while making decisions that impact both breeding programs and career decisions. Today, Editor Susan Chaney informs Best In Show Daily readers that brucellosis is not just a sexually transmitted disease. This fatal affliction can also be spread via saliva, urine and most body fluids, and can live in the environment for lengthy periods. Consistent pre-breeding testing is the only way to avoid disaster. And for young adults who may just be finding their way around the dog show world, DFR blogger Kayla Bertagnolli offers the best advice available: Do your homework and then, go for it!

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Test for this Hidden Killer Before Breeding

By Susan Chaney

Brucellosis could easily be called the AIDS of the dog world. Although not as common, it is more easily spread, is always fatal to puppies carried by an infected bitch and has no cure.

The disease starts with the bacteria Brucella canis, which a dog or bitch can spread within two to three weeks of exposure.

“The information that needs to get out more is that B. canis is not just spread by sexual contact,” says Kara Kolster, D.V.M., of Springfield Veterinary Center in Glen Allen, Va. more

Best In Show Daily

What It Takes To Become an Assistant
By Kayla Bertagnolli

When I was young, I never pictured myself being so involved in the sport of dogs. Look at me now!

In 21 short years, I’ve been to hundreds – if not more – of dog shows, assisted two professional handlers and have been learning about the breeding aspect of the sport for the past 12 years. Not to mention I was born into a ‘doggy life.’ It’s funny to look back and remember how it all happened.

For many of us dog fanciers, our parents are somehow involved in the sport. For me, it was my mom. She and I would attend dog shows every once in awhile during the school year, and we’d spend multiple weekends and circuits together in the summer. more

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