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The Art of Preservation

Today’s Best In Show Daily honors the preservationist. Christi McDonald introduces readers to the William Secord Gallery’s highly anticipated exhibition of selected works from The Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Collection. Mrs. Dodge preserved not only the English Cocker Spaniel, but an extraordinary wealth of canine art and antiquities as well.

Preserving the purebred dog is every breeder’s mission, and Valerie Rickard, D.V.M., provides a detailed examination of currently available technologies in The Informed Breeder: Semen Collection and Packaging for Chilled Semen Shipment.

The Xoloitzcuintli, mysterious as a Mayan ruin, has been preserved for future fanciers to worship and is today’s featured breed.

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Best In Show Daily

Can You Say Xoloitzcuintli?

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

It takes some time to learn to pronounce the name of one of the Non-Sporting breeds that will enter Westminster Kennel Club dog show rings for the first time this year. But break Xoloitzcuintli down a few times to “show-low-eats-queen-tlee,” or “show-low” for short, and it’s a snap.

This hairless dog of Mexico is considered a national treasure and one of the rarest and most ancient breeds, existing at least 3,000 years ago. more

Dogs on the Walls
The William Secord Gallery, located in New York City, is a popular annual destination for many fanciers when they visit Manhattan in February each year for Westminster. Bill Secord is a recognized authority – in fact the authority worldwide – on 19th century dog painting. His gallery, on the Upper East Side at 52 East 76th Street, is the only one in North America that features not only 18th and 19th century paintings, bronzes and works on paper of dogs and animals, but also an extensive collection of 20th century and contemporary dog art. Several new additions have been acquired by the gallery of late, including numerous Wire Fox Terrier oils by the English artist William Lucas-Lucas, more

Best In Show Daily

The Informed Breeder: Semen Collection and Packaging for Chilled Semen Shipment

By Valeria Rickard, DVM

The American Kennel Club allows breeders to perform their own collections for chilled semen shipments. However, AKC does not provide training or continuing education classes for breeders on how to do this properly, and unfortunately we have had many samples arrive at our veterinary hospital where the quality of the sample was very poor, sometimes due to imperfect collection methods and sometimes simply because the packaging was very poor. We have had semen arrive in lunch boxes; sometimes the sperm were all frozen and dead because it was in direct contact with an ice pack; and other times there was no semen present at all in the sample that was sent. more

Can You Dig It?

By Jo Ann Frier-Murza and Photos by Jean Clark

Six Breeds to Debut at Westminster

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

Bad to the Bone

By Kayla Bertagnolli

In Memory of Ric Chashoudian

By Christi McDonald

Home Sweet Home

By Christi McDonald

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Dog Show Poop
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