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The Barbet, plus Where the Dogs Are

The Barbet, or French Water Dog, is an archetypal canine with an ancient past and a hopeful future. Senior Editor Christi McDonald introduces the dog thought to be the progenitor of several familiar breeds, including the Poodle. Discover the meaning of its name, pronounced “bar-bay,” and learn about efforts being made to promote the breed in Europe, Britain and North America.

Blogger-in-Chief Billy Wheeler is going to Greeley, Colo. As he packs his bags today, he’s reporting on the numbers at the all-breed, limited-breed and specialty shows he’ll be attending over the next four days. Find out how many dogs are heading to the Rocky Mountains this weekend, and how many are entered at select shows across the U.S.

“Best In Show Daily keeps me abreast of all the ‘goings on’ in the dog show world now that I’m not currently specialing a dog. I like checking in on my desktop because it’s like being at every dog show – virtually. Each BISD writer brings something different to the table. They enable a reader to choose from a wide variety of topics or you can read all of them!” Debra VeyVoda-Hamilton, Esq., Hamilton Law and Mediation

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The Barbet: Ancient French Water Dog
By Christi McDonald

The origins of the Barbet, or French Water Dog, are believed to trace back to ancient times, and according to the Barbet Club of Great Britain, “The generally accepted theory is that the Barbet is descended from corded herding dogs originating in North Africa, which were brought to Europe with the Moors as they occupied the Iberian Peninsula during the 7th and 8th centuries.” more

Where the Dogs Are
By Billy Wheeler

After a couple of weeks with just a few options, dog fanciers will be treated this week to 34 all-breed shows across five different time zones. Usually lots of locations mean fewer points at each, but this week, those seeking to better their rankings will have ample opportunity to pick up points. more

Comical Canine Olympians

By Kayla Bertagnolli

Monday Morning Mop up

By Billy Wheeler

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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