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The Love of Lure Coursing and the Thrill of Breed Judging

“A Mustang brought Peter Lowe to America, but Salukis kept him here.” So writes Best In Show Daily Editor Susan Chaney in her introduction to the man whose fondness for a car led him to America and ultimately to the Saluki – by way of the Afghan Hound. Together with his wife Daphane, conformation and lure-coursing champion Salukis have been a way of life for the past 40 years. Find out how a passion for the sport led the Colorado couple to create their very own “super space” – an 80-acre facility where three trials can be held simultaneously.

In Pilar Kuhn’s podcast today, you’ll meet breeder-judge Virginia Latham Smith who’s enjoying an exceptional year of judging assignments. From Madison Square Garden to Montgomery, she’s seeing the best this country’s breeders have to offer, and assignments in Europe and Russia this summer will offer a global perspective on the Terriers she so enjoys.

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Editor in Chief

Best In Show DailyChance Encounter Sends Saluki Breeder on 40-Year Lure-Coursing Odyssey

By Susan Chaney

A Mustang brought Peter Lowe to America, but Salukis kept him here. Mind you, we’re not talking wild mustangs — we’re talking Mustangs of the Ford variety.

The renowned lure-coursing organizer, competitor and judge was 24 years old and just out of college when he lunched each day in a typically British pub in Farnborough, England, 30 miles southwest of London. “There was a beautiful Ford Mustang outside the pub every day,” he says. “It belonged to the owner. I had to have this car.” more

Best In Show Daily

Virginia Latham Smith Podcast with Pilar

By Pilar Kuhn
This is turning into an exceptional year in Virginia Latham Smith’s judging career. In February, the Airedale Terrier breeder-judge drew entries in nine Terrier breeds for her first Westminster Kennel Club assignment. In October, she’ll judge her breed’s National Specialty for the second time at Montgomery County, and this summer she’ll be traveling abroad to judge some of her favorite breeds in Russia, Poland and Sweden. Find out how mentors and personal interpretation guide this judge’s understanding of the breed standards, and how social media has helped breeder-judges become better known internationally. more

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Billy Wheeler
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Dog Show Poop
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