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THe Power of Words

Best In Show Daily today takes a look at the power of words. In the world of purebred dogs few words inspire admiration as surely as the name of a successful kennel. The prominent kennel prefixes of yesteryear evoke memories of great dogs from the past and they engender eager anticipation as we wonder what the dogs that carry prominent kennel names today will be like. In “What’s In a Kennel Name?” Senior Editor Christi McDonald takes readers back to the late 1800s, when the very first kennel names were registered with the AKC, and briefly through the process of getting a kennel name registered today.

In “Breeder Buzzwords” we begin a series on terms that are unique to the dog world with a look at words that apply to the Pointer. Enjoy!

Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

Best In Show DailyWhat’s in a Kennel Name?
By Christi McDonald

Is there prestige in having a well-known kennel name today, as there was in the days of the big, grand kennels? Are kennel names as important to hobby breeders and dog show people today as they were to fanciers of old?.

I remember when I was just a girl, raised with Cairn Terriers, learning that Mildred Bryant’s ‘Milbryan’ kennel prefix was registered with the American Kennel Club. Oh, I thought that she must be a very accomplished breeder to have a registered kennel name! She was, but the truth is that registering one’s kennel prefix was much more common prior to, say, the 1970s and 1980s than it was in later decades. more

Best In Show Daily

Best In Show DailyBreeder Buzzwords – The Pointer

By Dan Sayers
Breeders of purebred dogs speak a language all their own. Wherever they gather, at dog shows, seminars or in chat rooms, words and phrases are used that have very narrow definitions. Their usage makes it difficult for a novice to fully participate in the conversation, and all but impossible for the general public to follow along.

There’s more to talking with a breeder than correctly using the word “bitch.”

Much of the breeder’s language is derived from domesticated livestock or veterinary science. Veterans who’ve spent a lifetime perfecting their own family of purebreds use agricultural and medical terms with confidence. more

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