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The Well-Bred Family Pet and the Buzz About Bedlington Terriers

When her family lost its beloved Golden Retriever to cancer, contributing writer Beverly Baptiste and her daughter were devastated. After a period of mourning, their search for a new dog led them to consider all the breeds that captured their interest. Find out why the family chose a purebred dog from a responsible breeder, and meet the English Springer Spaniel that has become their perfect pet.

Itӳ easy to understand how the Bedlington Terrier can be mistaken for a lamb. The breedӳ distinctive appearance creates the illusion of that soft and gentle barnyard baby, but this dog is all Terrier. Meet the wolf in sheepӳ clothing that has captivated discerning dog fanciers for centuries.

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Dan Sayers
Editor in Chief

In Defense of the Well-Bred Dog as a Family Pet
By Beverly Baptiste

I know some of you are cringing already. But by all accounts, I am a dog person. I love all sorts of dogs, big and dopey, tiny and yappy, energetic and crazy, or quiet and lazy. I love them all.

We have raised dogs that were given away at the supermarket, adopted from the animal shelter, purchased from good and bad breeders. We have loved them all. We give them a good home, with plenty of love and exercise, healthy food and proper veterinary care. In short, we are responsible pet owners. more

Breeder Buzzwords ֠The Bedlington Terrier
By Dan Sayers

The distinctive appearance of the Bedlington Terrier sets it apart from every other breed of dog. So unique is this racy ratterӳ make and shape that many who meet the breed for the first time think theyӲe seeing a lamb instead of a dog.

But make no mistake; the Bedlington is no lamb. The breedӳ unforgettable facade conceals a devoted and determined spirit that is all Terrier. more

My Take: Don’t Be Fooled

By Christi McDonald

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By Billy Wheeler

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By Susan Chaney

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Billy Wheeler
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Pilar Kuhn
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