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To Clap Or Not To Clap

IT WAS a pleasant sunny day at a dog show. I was in a cheerful frame of mind. Our breed judging had finished so off I trotted and bought myself a baked potato with lots of cheese. That consumed, I started to saunter slowly towards the exit.

Quite a few breeds were still going and as I passed one ring I saw that one, a breed I like very much, was being judged by someone whom I’m always interested to watch. Looking at the catalogue, I saw that they were on the last class, so I pulled up a chair and soon the judge, in his usual decisive manner, made his placings. I don’t know what came over me – perhaps the unaccustomed sun had gone to my head – but I did something quite reckless, I CLAPPED!

So then it came to the CC and my madness continued – I clapped again. Then best of breed, and by then I was really in the mood, I applauded that decision too.

How could I have done such a thing? When I met up shortly afterwards with some breed enthusiasts, incredulity was expressed that I could possibly have clapped. I got the feeling I was letting the side down.

Now I’m not stupid enough not to realise that two of the decisions I watched were, to put it mildly, extremely controversial, as indeed the ringside harrumphing, which I could hardly fail to be aware of, made abundantly obvious.

But that isn’t the point. Does one have to agree with a decision to applaud? What do you feel? I am sure that like most of us I’m far from consistent, but in general I do try to give a small clap to the class winners and especially to the CC winners, whether or not I like the winners or indeed their owners! Occasionally a decision, or what one suspects might be the motives behind it, may make me so fed up that I forget to clap – or it may just be that my mind is elsewhere at that particular moment.

But in general I don’t think that applauding the winners indicates that one would necessarily have made that decision oneself. In any case, we all know that dogs you like from the ringside can be very different when you get your hands on them, and vice versa.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether I will be brave or foolhardy enough to applaud in future, but if I do, perhaps I should check first to see who is watching!

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Dog World’s Simon Parson is one of the most well respected canine journalist in the UK. Simon his been with DW since 1979 and edited the newspaper for 17 years.