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To Your Dogs’ Good Health

One of the advantages of publishing online is the ease with which readers can access previously featured content. Every article, blog and photograph that appears on Best In Show Daily resides permanently on the site.

It also makes it easy for us to point out a few articles on a particular subject – just in case you missed one or you saw a headline, but didn’t have the time to read the story. Now’s your chance….

We all know how important good health is to our dogs, whether we’re breeders, exhibitors, performance enthusiasts or simply pet owners. Each week, we post at least one health article to keep you informed about the latest developments in disease treatment and cutting-edge technology, and the newest research on canine well-being.

Today, we feature eight articles that will assist you in understanding some common conditions, considering nutritional alternatives, managing pain and being ready to help your dogs when needed. We hope you find them helpful.

To access other health-related articles, click on “Learn!” below the website masthead banner, then select “Canine Health.”

Wishing you healthy dogs,

Susan Chaney

Know the Warning Signs of Pyometra
By Christi McDonald

Few things strike fear in me, as a breeder and as the owner of one intact bitch, more than the thought of pyometra.

I had an experience several years ago with one of my older champion bitches who developed pyometra, and afterward I discovered that lots of people who breed and show dogs have never experienced it. It is something you want to recognize immediately when it happens because it can be fatal. more

Helping Dogs Overcome Pain
By Christi McDonald

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The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli

Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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