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Tell Us About Your Favorite Experience at a Dog Show (that Doesn’t Include a Dog!)

  • aussiesrule
    Michelle Steigmeyer says:

    I don’t know a lot of people at the shows. At Canfield I had several people invite me to eat dinner with them, hang out at their campers, etc. It means a lot to a new person when someone reaches out so that person doesn’t feel like an outsider in an activity that’s full of cliques.

  • finkies1
    finkies1 says:

    Hello from New Zealand! My personal favourite experience from a dog show would b when my Finnish Spitz Australian & New Zealand Champion Kai of Syrajaani was awarded Reserve Best In show at an ALL BREEDS Championship show right here in New Zealand – this was to the best of my knowledge the FIRST and possibly the ONLY time in the world our breed has been awarded this high an award in an All Breeds Championship show. I would love to hear from any other Finnish Spitz Breeders around the world to confirm this – great site you have – maybe I’m the first from New Zealand to be on here – who knows? Trish Andrews – Triscole Finnish Spitz, New Zealand.

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