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UKC Hunting Programs and the Cost of Breeding

Since almost its inception in 1898, the United Kennel Club has sponsored and hosted hunting trials for the Beagles, Coonhounds, Curs, Feists, Hunting Retrievers and Pointing Dogs it registers. Editor Susan Chaney reports today on the many hunting programs the organization offers that test a dog’s ability to perform its intended function. Discover those breeds that account for nearly a third of the organization’s total hunting events, and learn exactly what Curs and Feists are, and what it is they like to do with their days and nights.

Planning for the arrival of a healthy litter of puppies requires considerable investment on the part of today’s committed purebred dog breeder. In the Down and Back, Social Media Maven Pilar Kuhn says that when her Scottie bitch failed to conceive recently, the disappointment was heartbreaking and the negative impact on the family budget was very real. Breeding healthy and typey dogs has never come cheap, but even a failed attempt can reinforce a breeder’s commitment to the dogs they love.

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UKC Hunting Programs Run Gamut from Birding to Treeing
By Susan Chaney

The United Kennel Club has sponsored hunting trials almost since its inception in 1898, often in conjunction with hunting clubs. Of the more than 15,000 UKC-licensed events that take place each year, more than 60 percent test dogs’ hunting abilities, training and instinct.

The registry’s hunting programs feature separate trials for Beagles, Coonhounds, Curs and Feists, Hunting Retrievers and Pointing Dogs.

During tests, which vary from the nighttime treeing of raccoons to the “running” of a rabbit, “we try to simulate actual hunting conditions,” says Todd Kellam, UKC vice president of hunting programs. more

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The Cost of Breeding
By Pilar Kuhn

Four weeks after we did our most recent breeding on our Scottie bitch, our hearts sank. There were no puppies to be seen on the ultrasound. My husband Rod reminded me, “Chin up. It’s part of breeding, and it may still be too early.”

We did another ultrasound at six weeks because all signs pointed to her being pregnant. Again, no puppies. We knew at this stage of gestation we’d see something if there were any little terrorists a-cookin’. Extremely disheartened and, admittedly, a little angry too, we resolved that we would not be expecting a litter of Scottie puppies at the end of March. more

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Dog Show Poop
The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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