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War Dogs Deserve Honor – and Homes – on Memorial Day

May 23, 2012 05:36 America/Los_Angeles

SEATTLE, May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — As we pay tribute to our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, let’s not forget to honor the war dogs who fought for our country – and who need a home after serving abroad.

“With Memorial Day upon us it’s a great time to reflect on the men and women who have served our country to give us the freedoms we enjoy, but this year take a little extra time to remember the war dogs who have been instrumental in saving countless lives and making a lasting impact on the handlers they worked with,” said Jason Macek, a Marine Corps veteran, and contributor to The Dog Training Secret (www.thedogtrainingsecret.com). “I hope you can take a moment with Memorial Day coming up and think about adopting a dog that has helped make America free.”

In 2000, Congress approved adoptions for war dogs by civilians.

“In honor of all of our fallen war dogs which can be viewed on the K9 Wall of Honor, we will donate $500 to the Military Working Dogs Organization, which goes to great lengths to help retiring dogs find their forever homes. We would encourage you to support their cause as well,” he said.

Macek has written an informative blog post on the history of war dogs – including pictures – at http://www.thedogtrainingsecret.com/blog/memorial-day-tribute-war-dogs/
Once a dog is declared “excess” after their active duty time is up they can be up for adoption. Prior to this they are given a complete medical screening and assessment of temperament to make sure the dogs are suited for a civilian home. Potential owners are also screened to make sure they can handle one of these highly trained war dogs.

About 300 of these dogs are put up for adoption each year but just recently interested adopting parties have dramatically spiked as well. There is no cost or adoption fee for adopting one of these heroes but adopting families are responsible for travel. Find out more about adopting a military dog.

Dogs have been used in war since ancient times and were instrumental in numerous U.S. wars – including the current battles in the Middle East.

“Cairo is a war dog you’ve probably heard of. In fact he’s probably the only member of SEAL Team 6 you’ll probably ever know. Cairo, a tracking dog and 23 other SEALS flew into Pakistan where they had been tasked with finding Osama Bin Laden and apprehending or killing him. Their mission was of course successful,” Macek said.

Another great way to help the military working dogs is to visit the ASPCA site and complete a message to send to your Congressmen. There is currently a bill that will change a military dog’s classification from equipment to actual members of the armed forces. This would entitle them to added benefits they do not currently receive, such as travel back from overseas bases if they retire at a base outside the states and medical care post-retirement.

“So not only are they man’s best friend but they are also part of the reason we have the freedoms we have and live in the greatest country in the world,” Macek said.

SOURCE The Dog Training Secret

CONTACT: Jason Macek, jmacek07@gmail.com, +1-208-610-0984

Web Site: http://www.thedogtrainingsecret.com

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