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What a Week!

Today’s edition marks the beginning of our second week of publishing Best In Show Daily newsletter. We are overwhelmed by your positive response. Already we are read on six continents, in 54 countries, and in all 50 states. Your comments to our editorial community have been enthusiastic and affirm that we are on the right track. Thank you for being an early adopter of a brand new way to experience dogs and the dog show scene. Since we’re a new media publication, you can easily share our content with friends, and we appreciate that you are spreading the word.

Our articles today feature Jenny Wornall in her first-ever podcast and Christi McDonald’s fascinating look at the various New York venues where the Westminster Kennel Club dog show has taken place over its 135-year history.

Rich Goldman

Best In Show Daily

Home Sweet Home
By Christi McDonald

Madison Square Garden and the Westminster Kennel Club.

Westminster Kennel Club is America’s second longest continuously held sporting event, after the Kentucky Derby. For all of its 135-year history, this classic event, now often referred to simply as “The Garden,” has been held in New York City, although not always at the same address.

The first dog show sponsored by the gentlemen who called themselves “the Westminster Kennel Club” was actually billed as the First Annual New York Bench Show of Dogs and was held in 1877 at the Hippodrome at Gilmore’s Garden, on Fourth Avenue between 26th and 27th streets. For many years, the Harlem Railroad had operated an office at that address, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad had a passenger station there until 1871, when Grand Central Station was completed at 42nd Street. more

Jenny Wornall Podcast with Pilar Kuhn
The father-daughter team of Wood and Jenny Wornall are known for their handling success. But did you ever stop to think what it’s like shepherding more than a dozen dogs to an airport, getting them on board, transporting them to the venue, then managing them at a show. Jenny shares a bit of what that looks like in Pilar Kuhn’s latest podcast for Best In Show Daily. It takes a whole team of people, and, of course, problems arise. That never seems to prevent the Wornalls from going home with some very nice, often BIS, wins. play
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Dog Show Poop
The Back Story
Billy Wheeler
The Down and Back
Pilar Kuhn
Kayla Bertagnolli
Dog Show Poop
Billy Wheeler

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