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Woofstock Watch Day Four

It’s a cool 60 degrees here at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo CA, where the Contra Costa County Kènnel Club is hosting the last day of Woofstock. Mr. Weatherman promises that temperatures will rise no more than 10, 11 degrees, perfect weather for a doggy day. I’m going to take advantage of the cool temps to visit the outdoor rings and see some of the breeds I have missed

09:15 AM

GCH AB Day Trip To Tanza-Jamaa SC CA

GCH AB Day Trip To Tanza-Jamaa SC CA

I’m at Virginia Lyne’s ring to see Basenjis, Giant Schnauzers, Norwegian Elkhounds, Great Pyrenees and Afghan Hounds. Judge Lyne’s Basenji entry consisted of three class dogs and three specials. Her breed winner was GCH AB Day Trip To Tanza-Jamaa SC.

GCH CH Kenro's Witching Hour

GCH CH Kenro’s Witching Hour

Yesterday’s Best In Show winner was the Giant Schnauzer, GCH CH Kenro’s Witching Hour. However, Dora and handler Amy Booth had to fight their way out of the breed ring. Today’s breed win makes it three for four breeds here at Woofstock.

10:30 AM

Great Pyrenees Best Of Breed Lineup, The Winner, GCH CH R Pyr Jail House Rock!, is in the Center

Great Pyrenees Best Of Breed Lineup,
The Winner, GCH CH R Pyr Jail House Rock!, is in the Center

A while back I was reading up on Dwarf Nigerian Dairy Goats, a staple on self-sufficient farms (but that’s another story). I wasn’t surprised to read that the Great Pyrenees was the recommended livestock guard dog of choice. I was surprised to find that all five goat breeders I contacted owned at least one Great Pyrenees. Judge Lyne’s breed winner today was GCH CH R Pyr Jail House Rock! And no, I never bought the goats.

Next up are the glamour guys and girls, the Afghan Hounds. No breed exhibits the flash and panache of the Afghan. Judge Lyne had 16 from which to chose, and she chose GCH CH Thaon’s Wallstreet.

12:45 PM

GCH CH Wigglesworth Thriller

GCH CH Wigglesworth Thriller

I am going to spend the rest of my time before the groups with judge Robert Slay who has a very admirable entry of 31 Bearded Collies. Judge Slay worked through the entry methodically, first the dogs, then bitches, until he had it down to three and three. His breed winner was the 4-year-old dog, GCH CH Wigglesworth Thriller.

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