Greetings from Thailand! When it comes to owners’ lives revolving around their dogs, it seems that people in this country take things to a whole new level.

When you are a breeder here or in surrounding countries, you must work twice as hard to perfect the arts of breeding and exhibiting. For starters, a person here may be the only one in the area (or one of very few) in a breed, and will need to look into breeders from other countries to import a variety of dogs and progress in a breeding program.

Although building a breeding program can be a struggle here for some, it’s also worth mentioning that the heat here is definitely something to be considered. For the most part, the dogs here are used to the hot weather – even more so than I am! Nonetheless it’s important to keep in mind that there are still certain precautions that must be taken to keep all dogs healthy and happy in this part of the world!

I was able to be reunited with one of my Beagles who now lives here in Thailand, and when we’re talking about the heat here, it’s especially important to consider how it impacts the care of puppies and expectant mothers. Krissy is quite spoiled and is now a mother herself. Her pups are just as cute and as spoiled as she is, and they want for nothing when it comes to their care and comfort.

Here is a photo of Krissy taken when she first arrived in Thailand in 2011.

Krissy had no trouble settling into her new home in Thailand.

Speaking of Krissy’s puppies, I have had a lot of one-on-one playtime with them during my extended visit. We’ve made time to evaluate the litter and see their show quality potential. It was very different for me to look at Beagle puppies that weren’t mine (or my mother’s, to be exact).

To my surprise, I found that although these puppies live halfway around the world, they are just the same as any other puppies. They play and tease each other; they have the same structure breed-wise, and, of course, they have that unforgettable puppy breath! Spending time with them has really made me feel at home here.

One of Krissy’s puppies, who is yet to be named, poses for a photo.

Besides experiencing the Thai dog world here from a breeder’s standpoint, I also attended my first dog show over the weekend. I got to experience my third FCI show, and this time I even had a chance to handle a dog or two. Four shows were held over two days, and I’ll tell you all about the show scene here next time.

One other thing that has really impacted my heart here in Thailand is the number of stray dogs. It was really strange for me to see this since we don’t have too many strays living on the streets in the states. No matter how little money people may have here, I always see residents or street food vendors taking care of the dogs to ensure that they are fed and doing well. I hope the number of homeless dogs go down here in the future. In any case, I am definitely enjoying my visit to Thailand and learning about the dog scene here.

As always, if you have any questions about what’s happening in this part of the dog world or if you have insights about it yourself, please be sure to let me know.

Dogs Freakin’ Rule!

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