As I updated the statistics this week on AKC‘s Top 100 Dogs All Breeds, I noticed that we have some interesting breed matchups. Now some breeds consistently have multiple BIS winning dogs every year, e.g., English Springer Spaniels, Boxers, Doberman Pinschers, Standard Poodles, etc. Others may see only one dog winning the occasional all-breed Best.

GCH CH Aerden’s Pretty In Pink JH

In a year when there are five Sporting Dogs in the Top 15, I’m not surprised to find three BIS-winning English Setters in the Top 100. Leading the breed is GCH CH Oakley’s B’Dazzled. Dazzle, handled by Bruce & Tara Schultz, has been among the leaders since the first weekend of the year. Dazzle has accumulated six BIS this year and 24 Sporting Group firsts. While in Louisville, I got my first look at Eileen Hackett’s English Setter, GCH CH Stargaz’R ‘N Wingfield Time Will Tell. Trevor has been working his way up the rankings ever since with six BIS in 14 final appearances. Just breaking into the Top 100 is GCH CH Aerden’s Pretty In Pink JH, handled by Vito Ciaravino. She has picked up five BIS this year, three so far this month, in just eight final attempts. Now that’s some batting average.

GCH CH Sandstorm Blue Nile Bubbles Of Jatara (Photo by Gay Glazbrook)

I am a sucker for a sighthound, and this year we have three Salukis in our sights. Handler Erin Roberts and GCH CH Sandstorm Blue Nile Bubbles Of Jatara have been burning up the show rings lately, winning five big rosettes and 14 Hound Groups. GCH CH Aurora’s the Song and Dance Man, always owner-handled by Julie Mueller or Gene Blake, doesn’t get to as many shows because of his owners’ busy schedules, but he still has managed two BIS and 13 Hound Group top prizes.

GCH CH Rocheuses Me and My Shadow of Cornus

Our Number One Herding Dog is the Bouvier des Flandres, GCH CH Rocheuses Me and My Shadow of Cornus. Casper and owners/handlers Colton & Heather Johnson have climbed all the way to a Number 14 All Breed ranking with 11 Best in Shows and 24 Herding Group Firsts. Two more BIS-winning Bouviers are in the Top 100. GCH CH Hatch Tillie De La Salsa, handled by Larry Fenner, has three big rosettes and seven Herding Groups, while GCH CH Quiche’s Grand Finale, breeder-owner/handled by Elaine Paquette, is right behind with two BIS and six Herding Groups.

I got to see all three Bouviers at Westminster this year and have seen two of the English Setters, but I have yet to see either of the Salukis. I’m hoping to remedy that when I visit the Oklahoma City Summer Classic in two weeks. At your next show drop in one of these rings and see if you can catch one of these beauties. You will be impressed. And that’s today’s Back Story.