Bad luck affects the success of the Show.

While last year the Brussels Dog Show was surfing on high waves, this year they were forced to replace the regular date that is normally mid-December, to the summer, because the Heizel palaces were not available. Because a CACIB show has to be minimum two weeks away from other CACIB shows in the country, there was nothing else to choose from but the Summer period. And because some other shows also had to move, the Belgian show program was extremely concentrated in the summer with large shows every two weeks for almost 3 months in a row. While the summer is already an expensive period for most people the cost of so many shows weighs extra on the family budget and one starts to make choices. Brussels was one of the last shows of this period and if this was not enough yet, the city of Brussels held its yearly Car-Free Sunday. We have also to take into account that Luxemburg was 2 weeks before and Geneva 3 weeks. The result was a loss of almost 1000 dogs compared to the very successful show of 2012, but still good for 2879 entries. Next year the show will again be in December.

Samoyed,Fall In Love Foreste Ohara Of Bloom White ,Mitkova Mira,(France)

Still, the show retained its international flavor with 19 nations represented. Half of the entries were Belgian dogs, but rounding out the entry was: 561 dogs from the Netherlands, 517 from France and 213 from Germany. The United Kingdom came in 4th place with 54 dogs entered. The balance of the dogs came from all over Europe. The former hall was no longer available and transformed to an event hall. Because of the Car Free Sunday the exhibitors of Sunday were notified to be well in time if you wanted parking near the Exhibit Hall. It was possible to come to the halls and use the surrounding parking, but if you were too late you had to use the outer parking and that was pretty far going and inconvenient if you were packed with dogs and show gear. Happily, this didn’t cause too many problems as there was enough advance notice.

The main ring was nicely decorated with a brand new podium, on the background a large design photo of the Atomium. The entrance of the main ring was a huge red curtain and a big chandelier, very “chic” ! New this year was that everyone with a pedigree dog could come to show him to an allrounder judge without participating in the show. The judge examined the dogs and gave advice on qualities for breeding, showing, grooming etc. Thus, bringing down barriers for aspirant owners to participate in the future. This new program proved to be a big success as nearly 200 owners with dogs showed up for exam. Quality dogs received a small rosette. Mrs.Van Brempt, judging the majority of the entries, told me afterwards that she was “very enthusiastic about some dogs who were really top quality.” She also was enthusiastic and welcoming in her assessments to motivate & encourage the owners of dogs that didn’t meet the standard very well or sometimes hardly.

Medium size Poodle white-black-brown Dream Catcher Starring Moravia Vavrouskova Jana, Czech Republic Photo by Karl Donvil

Twenty-eight European judges were invited, ten local to Belgium, and that is how a good “International” dog show should be. Notwithstanding the relative success, some judges were still very busy during the weekend. Mr. V. Piskay from Slovakia, for example, had a busy Sunday when he had 53 Australian Shepherds in his ring. Another popular breed, the Chinese Crested dogs were well represented with fifty-nine specimens, and were judged by Mrs. C. Metans from France. Mr. R. Sporr from Austria had 130 dogs over the weekend. On Sunday, he had 32 Beagles and 34 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. A noteworthy number of thirty-eight Beaucerons was entered for Mrs. Barbara Müller on Sunday. Mr. Istas from France had the popular French Bulldogs and this helped him to get a nice number of 102 dog over the weekend. Mr.J-F.Vanaken had another popular breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terriers with an entry of fifty-eight. Mr. Vanaken finished his weekend after 127 dogs. The Golden Retrievers were most numerous breed, eighty-five altogether judged by Mr. Greenwood from Belgium on Saturday, his only day of judging. Mr.Theo Leenen, also from Belgium was the second best scoring judge of the show. He had forty-six Labradors and twenty-seven Flats, adding in some additional breeds, for 122 dogs in total on Saturday – the highest day score! Followed up with a total entry on Sunday where he had fifty-one dogs. A grand total of 173 dogs. Mr. J. Palosaari from Finland was the weekend winner with eighty-nine Spaniels on Saturday and 103 on Sunday, with a healthy entry of sixty-seven Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer from Germany were invited to judge on Sunday only group 5 breeds. Good for respectively 114 and sixty-one entries. Mr. V. Van Raamsdonk had sixty-three Bulldogs on Saturday and eighty Chihuahuas, Mr. J. R. Walsh from Ireland had seventy-eight Great Danes on Saturday, a high score nowadays and sixty-seven dogs on Sunday including fifty-three Border Collies. Mr. A. Kazmierski came from Poland to judge ninety-one Terriers on Saturday and another sixty-two dogs on Sunday.

Best In show Mr.H.Van den Berg (Netherlands)
Bearded Collie,Beardie Connections Kenji,Otto Rinus (Netherlands) Photo by Karl Donvil

The Best In Show judge for this edition was Mr. Hans Van den Bergh from the Netherlands. He has been watching carefully with his typical smile during both days and on Sunday he finally could step into the grand ring and have a closer look at all the group winners. All dogs were placed and he has to make choices to place the first dogs. I still don’t understand why not picking out one, two, and three and making all the others ex-aequo number 4. Anyway, I’m going to limit myself to the first 3 starting with the Samoyed “Fall In Love Foreste Ohara of Bloom White” a 3 year old Champion dog, owned by Mitkova Mira from France who entered him in competition with 17 others to be judged by Mr. Meyer O .from Germany. It was the very same judge who also judged the group. ResBIS went to the Czech Black Medium Size Poodle “Dream Catcher Starring Moravia” owned by Mrs.Jana Vavrouskova from the Cech Republik. This dog was also entered in Champion Class. Dream Catcher is a little older dog born in Feburary 2009. He was judged also on Sunday by Judge Taulos T. from Finland. Group IX was later judged by Mr. J-F Vanaken from Belgium, himself a famous champion breeder of poodles. The Winner of Best In Show was Mr. Otto Rinus’ Bearded Collie “Beardie Connections Kenji” from the Netherlands. And also the Beardies were on term on Sunday. It was Danish judge Mr. J. Hindse’s choice out of 28. And again this dog was entered in Champion Class, little older than 2 years old. It was his compatriot, Mr. Christensen, who chose him later to win the group and opened the way to this magnificent victory. Kenji was bred in Belgium by Mrs. I. Hectors.

The Brussels dog show will organize the European Dog Show in 2016. There is still a long way to go but slowly we can see some details changing in setup, decors, etc. By then it must be possible to host no less than 16,000 dogs and hopefully 20,000. Next year, the show will be again in December, the weekend of 6 and 7. Enter your dog online as this show no longer has regular entry forms. Next year the organization hopes for over 4,000 entries again.

Results: and Karl DONVIL