Caleb Campbell


Caleb Campbell

15 years old
Master Class


Caleb got started in dogs with his mother’s Scottish Terrier in 4-H at age 10 and eventually started attending AKC Rally Trials. He attended his first AKC Earthdog Test in 2009 at age 12 where he discovered the Border Terrier. Him and his family immediately fell in love with the breed and started talking to breeders and Caleb received his first dog of his own, Mullins, in January of 2010. He started competing in Junior Showmanship in March of 2010 and fell in love immediately. While taking nearly 4 months to get out of the Novice classes, Caleb and Mullins kept attending shows and trying in Juniors and Conformation. They received their first Open Junior Showmanship win in January of 2011 and Caleb grew a desire to win and practiced whenever he could and listened intently to every single tip that somebody could give him. In 2011, they not only qualified for Eukanuba, but Westminster as well. Caleb finished Mullins’s Championship himself in June of 2011. Caleb’s strong desire to win and do well is what makes him a force in the Juniors ring. In a very short amount of time, Caleb has come very far and done extremely well. Caleb handles all Terrier breeds but currently only shows 4 dogs in Juniors: his first Border Terrier named Mullins, his Border Terrier puppy named Dodge, his breeder/friend’s Border Terrier which he co-owns named Stevie Ray, and his West Highland White Terrier which he co-owns named Duke. Caleb has always loved dogs and hopes to become a vet, preferably a Zoo Veterinarian, when he is older.


Win Record Highlights:

  • Best Junior Handler at the Rose City Classic – Tualatin Kennel Club – January 19, 2012 – Judge Luke Baggenstos
  • Best Junior Handler at the Rose City Classic – Tualatin Kennel Club – January 22, 2012 – Judge Connie Gerstner Miller
  • Best Junior Handler – Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club – March 25, 2012 – Judge Sharol Candace Way
  • Best Junior Handler – Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers – April 20, 2012 – Judge Pat Trotter
  • Best Junior Handler at Border Terrier Nationals – Oconomowoc, WI – June 13, 2012 – Judge Kitty Sarvinas

HIGHLIGHTS (from January 1-May 31, 2012):

  • #2 Junior Handler out of All-Breeds
  • #1 Terrier Junior Handler
  • #1 Border Terrier Junior Handler
  • #1 West Highland White Terrier Junior Handler



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