4e8e5242f0c1cf4c8837ddc4c6ff04db-1Be a true advocate for animal welfare. Write Senators to oppose AB 485, the inhumane bill that will endanger California’s pet population!

Despite good intentions, some California lawmakers are placing the surplus of foreign stray and unwanted animals above the health and safety of the citizen pet population through AB 485. One need only look at the recent and ongoing new strain of dangerous dog flu brought in by foreign rescue dogs for the latest danger that comes with unregulated rescue retail. In spite of the mounting evidence of risk to existing pets, supporters of AB 485 would prefer to narrow the source of animals available to prospective pet owners to the least regulated selection of animals while cutting off the supply of pets from inspected and licensed breeders.

AB 485 will require all dogs, cats, and rabbits offered for sale at retail to be obtained solely from the unregulated source of public and private rescue, and not from breeders. While hobby and show breeders might think they are immune, if this bill succeeds, they very well may be the next target. Not only that, but the floodgates for rescue imports will be opened, endangering breeding stock, pet, and even the human population. For much more on this atrocious legislation, click here.

The authors of this bill are so focused on the anti-breeding agenda that they can’t see the forest for the trees. They either don’t understand the risk to California animals in this bill or they don’t care, in the interests of ending breeding retail animals. Some recent amendments have been made but none that address the damage done to breeders and pet stores. Pet stores must account to public animal control agencies or shelters for the source of their rescue animals they sell but that same scrutiny is not reciprocated: pet stores are granted no access to the same records from rescues. Also, the required warranty for animals sold by pet stores still remains, while rescues and shelters are held to no such standard.

This unreasonable and dangerous bill passed the Assembly and will now face the Senate in the Senate Business, Professions, and Economics Committee on July 17, 2017. It is vital to the future health of your pets that you make your voice heard in California.

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