8-9-16 weaves

Problem Solving Weaves – Part One

Weaves - Such a great obstacle, so many challenges! A different perspective. “My dog keeps missing the entries!” ”He keeps popping out after number 10!” “Why is he avoiding the weaves in trials when he does them perfectly well at home!” ”He seems to be slowing down in the weaves!” When done well, this obstacle… read more

11-19-15 focus part 1

Skills for Both Ends of the Lead – Fabulous Focus, Part 1

One of the nicest compliments I receive when out and about with my girl, Willow, a three-and-a-half year old Australian Shepherd, is, “Look at the way she watches you!” That comment is usually followed by something like, “My dog could never do that. He just wont listen to me!” Then the conversation often flows to… read more



Slow down. Focus. Rest. I’ve heard these things before and I’ve heard a lot more of them in the last two months. It has been an impossible thing to do this last year—year and a half, really. I purposely filled my schedule following Worlds as an attempt to cover up the pain of the event… read more


What Makes a Great Competitor?

What makes a competitor great? I’ve been mulling this question over for quite a while. Because I think, at the heart of it, a great competitor is composed of much more than just what can be gleaned from the surface. Is it based solely on results? On how many nationals/ invitationals/ tryouts/ worlds an individual… read more

12-5-16 kamikazee 4 kazallbigribbons

A Tribute to Kamikaze

The first Siberian Husky to achieve ADCH and LAA Bronze. When we choose our agility partner, there are many different breeds to choose from out there. For most of us, a Siberian Husky is not our first choice for an agility partner. Competitors who do choose a Sibe for their teammate are fortunate enough to… read more

11-15-16 cynosport juniorhandlers

Congrats to all the Winners and Participants of Cynosport 2016

We had a great time last week at the 2016 Cynosport World Games in Scottsdale, AZ. Congratulations to all of our winners! Performance Grand Prix 8″ 1. Betsey Lynch and Wren 2. Daneen Fox and Zen 3. Daneen Fox and Stunner 12″ 1. Delaney Ratner and Jonesy 2. Robert Angel and Lane 3. Ian Owen… read more

10-19-16 ash agility 3

A Profile of Kristen Wheeler and Ash

Ash’s owner and handler, Kristen Wheeler, relates the story of how she came to adopt him and their life together: “Ash is a nine-year-old Chow mix that I adopted from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona back in 2008. I had planned to adopt a dog soon after college, and I had done some research… read more

8-12-16 inara_se_regional

Competitor Profile – Steffi Diem and Inara

We’ve all met some very interesting people competing in agility. From doctors and lawyers to scientists and physicists, this sport truly runs the gamut of diversity. One of the nicest and least suspecting competitors around these days is Steffi Diem from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Steffi not only competes with a non-traditional breed on nights and… read more

8-5-16 tennessen 2

Competitor Profile – Lisa Anne Zilney & Tennessen

Lisa Zilney decided to enter Title Mania back in June with the main goal of earning her Agility Dog title with her young Border Collie, Tennessen. They needed two Standard legs and one Jumpers leg to accomplish this goal and Title Mania was the perfect place to accomplish this goal. It was only their second… read more

10-11-16 unbehaun-1

Lily & Jo: The Road to Agility Dog Champion

Sometimes we pick our dogs, but more often they “pick” us. They put their complete faith in us, and we are challenged to do likewise with them. In agility, that can be amplified when one chooses a breed that isn’t considered one of the top in the sport to reach for those coveted top-tier titles…. read more

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