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As the Wheels Turn – Education is the key — to everything

A few months ago we talked about brain-storming. The concept of throwing out ideas with no judgement and waiting to see what “stuck to the wall,” as they say. One of the fortunate rewards of that article was a fascinating conversation with Paul Lepiane, editor of Poodle Variety. He opened for me a whole new… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Getting Back on the Pony

When I was a kid, we had a truly wicked Shetland/Welsh mare named, of all things, Princess. My mom told the story, many times, of being on the phone and watching out the kitchen window as my three year old self went out, caught the bay paint witch, tied her to the fence and went… read more


As the Wheels Turn – On the Road Again

I’m finally home from this year’s Really Big Road Trip. With credit to my hero, Willie Nelson… “Goin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ things that I may never see again And I can’t wait to get on the road again
 On the road again 
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway 
We’re… read more


The Ghost Hound of Goshen

On the Road between the Ebenezer Church in Newberry County and Goshen Hill in Union County in South Carolina, there lurks a strange beast. Know as “The Ghost Hound of Goshen”, it has been witnessed by many reputable people. Some say it’s the dog of a peddler falsely accused of murder and hanged. Whatever the case,… read more


Noble Souls

Over the last couple years I’ve become a mantra hoarder. A quote hoarder. I seek them out, I save them, I print them out, I repeat them, I make them up, I write them over and over again. Sometimes they don’t mean much, other than a way to focus myself on the present moment– agility,… read more

Phu Quoc

It’s All Been Done Before!

Caught an interesting segment on This Morning yesterday – and it’s not often one can say that! It was a feature on the country’s most expensive puppies and it saw the programme’s resident pup, Clover, joined by four Phu Quoc Ridgebacks. Catherine Lane, their breeder claimed that she was the first European to breed the… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – When a Plan Comes Together (or Doesn't)

One of a handler’s most important jobs is laying out a game plan for our charges. Setting goals with the owners and creating a plan to achieve them. The route to our final destination may have to be adjusted along the way. Sometimes it works. Other times, it doesn’t. Knowing what judges like what dogs…. read more


Designer Genes – Genetic Management or Misery?

In the early 1970s, Miniature Schnauzer breeders embarked on a program unprecedented and unduplicated in any popular breed: to eliminate the genetic defect that caused juvenile cataracts. Research had established that juvenile cataracts (CJC) were transmitted as autosomal recessive with complete penetrance and were present at birth. Early diagnosis permitted the use of test-breeding, sanctioned… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – Here Come Da Judge

I’m pretty sure the only members of the sport who are complained about more than professional handlers are judges. I really feel sorry for these guys most of the time. Judges are people, too, you know. Just like everybody else there are good, bad and indifferent members of the judging pool. A percentage of our… read more

AKC Booth at the Big E Promoted Purebred Dog to 1.3 Million Attendees

During this year’s The Big E, aka the Eastern States Exhibition, in West Springfield, Massachusetts, the AKC educated attendees about the purbred dog through a booth in the “Farm-a-rama” agricultural section of the exhibition and took part in the exhibition’s popular Connecticut Day Parade. This year, “New England’s Greatest State Fair” attracted 1.3 million people from Sept…. read more

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