Crufts 2013

Emma Goes to Crufts – Again!

Today, DFR readers, I bring to you the one and only Miss Emma Echols. Emma has just returned home from her second consecutive year representing the United States in the International Junior Handling Competition at the largest dog show in the world, Crufts. To become eligible to represent her country at Crufts, Emma first had… read more


Fancy That: ‘Jilly’ Best at Crufts

It seems that Crufts 2013 went off much better than last year, in large part thanks to the fact that, as far as I can tell, all of the high profile breeds made it through to the Group judging. I found the Groups just filled with extraordinary dogs, at least from what could be seen… read more


Britain’s Top Dog Wins Crufts

The top dog won Crufts, but it was not at all a sure thing. That’s what judge Geoff Corish told me just a few minutes after he had awarded ‘Jilly,’ the PBGV Ch. Soletrader Peek a Boo, the momentous win at this storied show, making her the first of her breed to top all breeds… read more


Dog Shows Two Ways

It’s been an interesting week in the dog world, affording fanciers an opportunity to compare the status of our sport here and abroad. Much of the attention was focused on Crufts, England’s self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Dog Show.” With more than 20,000 dogs entered, Crufts did deliver on spectacle. Mercifully, what it did not deliver was… read more


Crufts 2013: Gundogs on Day Three

Because the third day of Crufts features just one Group and there are far fewer breeds to watch, I decided to spend part of the day looking at the trade stands. Yesterday I guessed that there must be over 500 of them, and I was right: I checked with a Kennel Club representative, who told… read more


Fancy That: Saturday at Crufts

One event that I really enjoyed watching at Crufts 2013 – in addition to a thorough enjoyment of watching all of the Group judging – was the final Saturday of the Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition. Michael Coad, partner to this year’s Best in Show judge Geoff Corish, judged the final of the Breeders’ Competition, which… read more

Toy Group 1

Fancy That: Friday at Crufts

I completely understand, as Bo Bengtson said in his Crufts report yesterday, not being “into” the activities and presentations that happen in the big ring before the Groups are judged, but I have to say again that I sincerely love that fact that the British put, in my view, as much emphasis on the fun… read more

Crufts 2013: Toy and Utility Breeds on Day Two

One thing I did not mention in my report from the first day of Crufts yesterday was the controversial health testing which the Kennel Club imposed on a few of the Best of Breed winners before they were allowed to compete in the Group last year. Six BOB winners were in fact prohibited from participating in… read more


The Health Tests at Crufts: Part II

Bo Bengtson continues his conversation with Ronnie Irving, former chairman of the Kennel Club in England and the man behind the controversial “Health Test” concept. Bo Bengtson: I understand that health tests were performed at other shows during 2012. How many were there, how many dogs have been tested, and what percentage passed-failed? Ronnie Irving:… read more


An Armchair Guide to Crufts

The first day of Crufts is in the record books, and all in all it was a jolly good show. After all, when it comes to pomp and circumstance, the English wrote the book. The world’s largest dog show began yesterday and runs through Sunday. While the main attraction is the 20,000-plus dogs in the… read more

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