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Dawne Deeley

Crufts 2012 Day One: Expect the Unexpected

As I mentioned in closing yesterday, first time visitors to Crufts should arrive with every intention of experiencing four days of the unexpected. While reaching Birmingham, England, by air is no more difficult than flying into any other trans-oceanic city (and truthfully, given the number of carriers crisscrossing the British Isles, is really a good… read more


Crufts' Campaign Against the Purebred Dog

I am an admirer of most things British. I love tweeds, tea time, & cottage gardens, so it is no wonder that I am fascinated by Crufts. I have been up since the early AM awaiting results. While looking through today’s results, I came across something curious. There was no Best of Breed awarded in… read more

Dawne Deeley

Crufts—The Conformation World’s Behemoth

Attend conformation shows frequently enough, read the glossy periodicals often enough, stay the course long enough, and sooner or later one is liable to begin investigating grass on the other side of the fence. Our chosen pastime, which we sometimes love to hate (yet are embarrassed to admit how much we love), can ensnare us… read more


Crufts: Changed For the Better?

As you’ve read here at Best in Show Daily over the past week, in our stories about the great Crufts event, the “world’s largest dog show” has been beloved by British dog fanciers and by the average man and woman on the street in the U.K. for decades. The Crufts organizers and the Kennel Club… read more


Crazy for Crufts, Plus a Mini Interview with Emma Echols

One of the biggest shows of the year takes place this week. That’s right, we’re talking about Crufts! Now, this show is not necessarily a hop, skip and a jump from my home in Utah. In fact, it’s held across the pond in one of the most beautiful dog-loving places on earth – the United… read more


Raising Kane…to Become the Crufts 2012 Best in Show Judge

The judge assigned to select the 2012 Best in Show winner at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, is Frank Kane, who hails from the north of England. Well-known to those in the British dog show world as a breeder, exhibitor, judge, author, teacher, administrator, he is also as a bit of a celebrity, as… read more


How Crufts Turned Into an International Show

Crufts, held each year in March in Great Britain, is billed as the world’s largest dog show, and most years that is, indeed, true. A time or two over the past half-dozen years, the entry at the FCI World Dog Show may have surpassed that at Crufts, but the show that celebrates its 121st event… read more

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