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AKC CHF Funded Study of 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs Enters its 14th Year

At 16-and-a-half years of age, Morgan, an English Springer Spaniel, continues to lead a fairly active life. According to Katrene Johnson, Morgan’s handler, “She goes out to the barn with me several times every day, rambles with me and the other dogs on the trails once or twice a week, and still plays a little… read more


Core Conditioning for Your Dog

While attending the Purina Sporting Dog Summit, several experts gave advice on ways to keep your dogs healthy and injury free. Jennell Appel, DVM, CCRT; James L. Cook, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR Purina’s Arleigh Reynolds, DVM, PhD, DACVN all stressed the importance of warming a dog up prior to competition/hunting/exercise and then cooling down afterwards…. read more


Eight Tips for Coping With Your Dog’s Age-Related Hearing Loss

The most common form of deafness in dogs is age-related hearing loss (ARHL). Most dogs experience some degree of ARHL, beginning sometime during their “third trimester” of life. ARHL begins by impairing perception of middle to high frequency sounds. As the hearing loss progresses it encompasses the entire range of sound frequencies. I suspect that… read more

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Holiday Gluttony

This week marks the start of that magical time of year — full of bright hopes and dashed expectations. To help maintain your holiday glow, I want to share some of the holiday hazards that can cause you unneeded stress and trips to the veterinary emergency room. After all, there’s just no fun in the… read more


Free Webinar on Itchy Dogs: Causes and Treatments

Tomorrow evening, Monday, November 23 at 8 p.m. EST, the AKC Canine Health Foundation is partnering with VetVine to present a free educational webinar on Itchy Dogs: Causes and Treatment Options. This special event will feature Dr. Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MANZCVS, DACVD, senior veterinary specialist at Zoetis. Dr. Hillier will provide dog lovers with information on why dogs itch, treatment options,… read more

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AKC Breeder Webinar: Planning Breedings

AKC’s Arliss Paddock speaks with breeder Debbie Owczarzak (Golden Gait English Cocker Spaniels) about what to consider when planning a breeding.


P is for Prostate

The prostate, and its associated problems, is one thing that connects dogs and their male owners. A recent lecture at the NYS Veterinary Conference at Cornell University addressed prostate conditions in dogs. Dr. Bruce Christensen DVM MS from the University of California at Davis started out by saying that 80% of intact male dogs over… read more


Nancy Kay DVM – Two-For-One Holiday Book Sale

It is once again time for my two-for-one holiday book sale. Purchase Speaking for Spot or Your Dog’s Best Health and receive a second book for free. There’s no limit on quantity- purchase as many books as you like at this two-for-one price. The books you order will arrive all decked out in holiday wrapping… read more


The Eyes Have It

It happened again this morning. As I was toweling off my face, I dislodged my contact lens. The typical mental dialogue in this scenario goes something like this: ‘Okay, no big deal, once I’m dry and can get to the mirror, I’ll take the lens out, rinse it, and put it back in. Meanwhile, I’ll… read more


Do the Clothes Make the Doctor?

Veterinary medicine is a dirty job. I’m not talking about unethical behaviors or illicit activities. I’m speaking in a very literal sense, referencing the countless pungent, projectile bodily eliminations, oozing wounds, parasite-infested hair coats, and traumatic injuries we encounter on a daily basis. All of our patients are adorable, but many of them have hygiene… read more

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