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Liver Disease in Dogs: Part I

The liver is an amazingly complex organ and is responsible for multiple functions in the body, all of which are vital for good health. Such multi-tasking means that there are a number of things that can go awry. It’s not surprising then that canine liver disease is so common. The liver happens to be remarkably… read more


Outfoxing the Foxtail

Folks who live in the strange lands where rain falls year round may not have met this diabolical tool of evil, but for those of us living in the lands of gold(en brown), foxtails are a summertime menace. This harmless appearing plant awn looks like the lovechild of a Victorian fan and a Robin Hood… read more

Funny sharpei puppy isolated on white background

New Test for Shar-Pei Breed: Cornell’s AHDC First in Nation to Provide the Diagnostic

ITHACA—A new test for a serious disease affecting the Chinese Shar-Pei dog breed will soon be available at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC). The new capability is made possible by a gift from the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust, which has donated $50,000 toward the purchase of advanced testing… read more

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GSDs Can No Longer be Stacked, says KC

GERMAN Shepherds must no longer be stacked in the ring and instead shown free standing on a loose lead only. This is one of the new set of rules imposed by the Kennel Club for the showing and judging of the breed. Yesterday it announced that it was taking strong moves to tackle the issues… read more


When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

During nearly every consultation, there comes a time where pet owners must make the decision whether to pursue chemotherapy or not. While a small number of people arrive assured that they will treat their pets, more frequently owners arrive with an open mind to the available options, searching for all possible choices before moving forward…. read more


Vaccine Antibody Titers: Are They a Good Choice for Your Dog?

Perhaps you know a little bit about antibody titers (aka, vaccine titers, vaccine serology, and titer testing), but find the topic to be confusing. Rest assured, you are in good company. The topic is somewhat complicated, and recommendations as to how to use antibody titers vary widely. Until relatively recently, antibody titer testing was quite… read more


KC Decides Not to Fund Semen Bank for Vulnerable Native Breeds

A GROUP called the Canine Gene Bank Group has been attempting to set up a charity and get financial help from the Kennel Club to create a semen bank for the protection and preservation of the UK’s vulnerable native dog breeds. The KC has now advised the group that it does not plan to support… read more


Chemotherapy for Dogs Everything You Need to Know

I recently participated in an interview with a fellow writer for on what pet owners need to know about chemotherapy in dogs. You can find the link to the full text here and a transcription of the article below. By: Carol McCarthy “Your dog has cancer” might be the four scariest words a pet… read more


If Your Child Dreams of Being a Veterinarian, You Must Read This!

Like many pet-loving youngsters, Chris Carpenter knew that he wanted to become a veterinarian, “no matter what.” No one in his family had the background to help him and, other than when his dog needed care, he had no contact with any vets. “You’ll have to take a lot of science,” was the best advice… read more


Early Detection to Target Hemangiosarcoma Cells in Dogs: The Shine On Project

Current Status: Phase 1&2 Open and enrolling Principal Investigator: Jaime Modiano, VMD, PhD Contacts: Dr. Modiano: Amber Winter, research study technician: 612-624-1352 or What is the project? “Early Detection to Target Hemangiosarcoma Cells in Dogs (Shine On)” was conceived to reduce the mortality and the suffering caused by canine hemangiosarcoma. The goal of… read more

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