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Board Sends HOD a Policy on Responsible Pet Breeding

​Proposal addresses inherited disorders in companion animals When the regular winter session of the AVMA House of Delegates convenes Jan. 13-14 in Chicago, one of the items delegates will consider adopting is a proposed policy stating the Association’s opposition to breeding dogs, cats, and other companion animals with heritable traits that negatively impact the animal’s… read more

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Holiday Gluttony

This week marks the start of that magical time of year — full of bright hopes and dashed expectations. To help maintain your holiday glow, I want to share some of the holiday hazards that can cause you unneeded stress and trips to the veterinary emergency room. After all, there’s just no fun in the… read more


Why do Animals have Moustaches with GPS?

When you walk in the dark, you may put your hands on the wall to guide you so you don’t stub your toe on it. That’s because human whiskers are pretty much useless except to help prevent sunburn and melanoma. In the animal kingdom, the far more sensitive whiskers called vibrissae provide in-the-moment benefits, such as… read more

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KC Announcement Prompts Lafora Fears

A NEW Kennel Club decision regarding the registration of Dachshunds could lead to disease being introduced to two varieties, the breed council has warned. The KC has agreed to allow puppies of different coat types than their parents due to recessive genes to be included in the breed register to which their coat most closely… read more


Why is My Dog Vomiting?

While it can be normal for dogs to vomit once or twice a year, vomiting on a more frequent basis is cause for concern. And, while it’s tempting to think that vomiting means that the problem is in the stomach, know that vomiting is a truly nonspecific symptom. There are literally dozens of different diseases,… read more


The “Trainwreck” Incident

The human mind can only tolerate so much wonder, stress, or misery. When faced with a constant stream of anything exceptional of either the good or bad variety, it finds a way to nudge those extremes towards the middle in order to survive. Veterinary school is far from a war zone or prison, but it… read more

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AKC Offers Test That Gives Dog Owners and Breeders the Power of Early Cancer Detection

New York, NY – The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the leading advocate for canine health, is making available a groundbreaking new health test for canine bladder cancer detection, the CADETSM BRAF Mutation Detection Assay, in The AKC® Shop. Created by Sentinel Biomedical, the CADETSM BRAF Mutation Detection Assay is an early detection system for canine… read more


If You Want to be A veterinarian, You Better Like People!

My advice to anyone aspiring to be a veterinarian? Get used to talking to people. Pursuing a career in veterinary medicine is tough. Just considering the process of applying to veterinary school is daunting. There are numerous standardized tests, the need for superior letters of recommendation, and the stress associated with composing the perfect personal… read more

45264-Breeder Battles for Cavaliers after US Auction Fiasco

Cavalier Owners Criticise KC’s new MVD Heart Scheme

A CAMPAIGNING Cavalier group has voiced its doubts about the Kennel Club’s new testing scheme for mitral valve disease.   Members say it has ‘glaring’ omissions, one of which is that it is voluntary not compulsory which means, they say, it could never be successful.   The KC believes the programme will ‘dramatically’ improve heart… read more


Medical Questions to Ask a Prospective Pet Sitter

If you’re like me, the most stressful part of preparing to go out of town is feeling reassured that the animals left behind will be well cared for. I prefer to have my menagerie cared for in their own surroundings by a professional pet sitter, or at the pet sitter’s home (emphasis here on “home”… read more

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