A Romantic Myth

It was my birthday last Tuesday and one of the presents I received was a hard to find book on the Boston Terrier, Boston Terriers – The Early Years. Now, I love collecting rare/specialist dog books so I was interested to read in Simon Parsons column about a relatively new book on the Golden Retriever… read more

Newfoundland Dogs Prove Lifesaving Skills in Water Rescue Tests

This month a number of talented Newfoundland dogs had the chance to prove their rescue skills as well as their love of the water when the Genesee Region Newfoundland Club(GRNC), a regional breed club of the Newfoundland Club of America, hosted its annual two-day water test on Labor Day weekend. On the shores of Cayuga… read more

Houston Search and Rescue Dog of 9/11 Fame Set to Receive Special Salute at Fall Fundraiser

Of all the nationally-recognized celebrities taking the spotlight here in the coming social season, it is doubtful that any will stir the heart more than Bretagne, the last-surviving search and rescue dog who gained fame for her work at Ground Zero after the September 11, 2001, bombing of the World Trade Center. For her long… read more

The Great Dane

I have several good friends who keep, breed and show Great Danes… and it is one of those breeds (alongside the Borzoi, Irish Wolfhound and Afghan Hound) that, if I were lucky enough to win the lottery, and were able to have the land and a suitable house to accommodate them, I would happily own…. read more


Available now: The Golden Age of Dog Shows: Morris & Essex Kennel Club 1927-1957

SOMERSET, NJ –   The limited edition, hardcover coffee table book, The Golden Age of Dog Shows: Morris & Essex Kennel Club 1927-1957, by Debra Lampert-Rudman, with Foreword by William Secord, is available now through the “Shop” on the Morris & Essex Kennel Club website  www.morrisandessexkennelclub.com   and will be available for sale at the… read more

A Champion Dingo

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled all over the world; New Zealand, China, Mexico, Africa, America and India but one of the favourite places I’ve visited has to be Australia. I first went there in my 20s and have been back many, many times since. One of the big draws for me is the… read more

A Boston Mystery

Those who regularly follow my articles and blog posts will know that a certain, very special, little lady has wormed her way into my affections. Although she is officially my mother’s dog, I have to admit that I have been completely (and literally on more than one occasion!) bowled over by Lola, our energetic, boisterous,… read more

Dog Trip to Southern France, September, 2015

“The South of France, a Glass of Wine and…DOGS!” For some, the ISO dog trip this September will be the highlight of their year, for others it’s the bucket list trip of a lifetime! See: http://origins.case.edu/pyrenees/ Imagine if we could go back in time to experience the conditions of life when our breeds originated -ancient… read more

The End of a 70 Year Love Affair?

The Queen has had rather a rough time of it in the press recently, what with the publication of ‘those pictures’ in one of the tabloids the other week. Sadly the furore caused by that completely overshadowed a rather touching and sad story of her Majesty giving up her beloved Corgis. As most people know… read more

Caravan Hound Fanciers Propose Standard

The following letter and the proposal for a breed standard for the Caravan Hound is the result of the hard work and dedication of several fanciers in India, helped along by a few knowledgeable North American and European sighthound judges. Time and again, those who have known this breed beyond the confines of the show… read more

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