A Memorial Day Salute: Our Military Working Dogs

In honor of Memorial Day, I would like to pay tribute to some very special heroes— the U.S military working dogs. I am a sucker for a good dog story and this is the story of thousands of good dogs! A Few Notable Combat Canines Dogs in the military are nothing new. They have been… read more



At long last, a compelling and dramatic new dog movie is coming out. The Dog Lover opens in select theatres nationwide and on Video on Demand from Sony Home Entertainment on July 8. If you love dogs you need to see this film. Based on a true story, The Dog Lover tells the story of… read more


AGM Decision to Drop FCI Agreement ‘Another Nail in Coffin’, Says Judge

THE DECISION to drop the judges’ reciprocal agreement with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is ‘another nail in the coffin of the British all-rounder on the international dog scene’, according to one opponent to the plan.   At last week’s annual meeting of the Kennel Club, Alan Hedges’ proposal that the KC should drop the ‘unwanted, unneeded… read more


Helping Fearful Show Dogs

I work with fearful show dogs constantly and have some solid methods and advice to offer on helping them.  This article couldn’t possibly cover everything, but will give you some tools to help your fearful dog or your client’s fearful dog.  In working with fearful dogs, I always hope that people look for help because… read more


AKC Adds New Entry-Level Agility Classes for Beginners

The AKC will now offer two new entry-level agility classes. These classes, Agility Course Test (ACT) 1 & 2 will allow beginners an easier entry into the sport. The classes will have shorter courses with basic obstacles specifically designed for beginners. ACT 1 & 2 will serve as the graduation exercise for training classes and… read more


KC Members Defy Their Committee – Again

SIMON Luxmoore’s first annual meeting as Kennel Club chairman may not have gone exactly as he would have liked. The special resolution put to members – seated in the auditorium in London’s Curzon Cinema – was rejected by a close shave, and the General Committee faced some feisty questioning from there on in.   And… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – Rising Stars: The Future of Our Sport

I hear a lot of folks decrying the woeful state of our sport populated, as I have been repeatedly assured, by all-about-me Millennials who never learned to work and requiring a participation ribbon just for showing up. I’ve even been known to mutter on this topic myself. Thus, it was with a bit of trepidation… read more

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Breeder Bulletin – Jennifer Kofron, Sun Devil Curlies

Jennifer Kofron, Sun Devil Curlies An interview with Jennifer Kofron. Jennifer talks about her success in the breed, how form to function is key, and her recent trip to Australia. Where are you located? We are located in Brighton, Wisconsin. A small, rural town in Western Kenosha County. What is your kennel’s slogan/motto/goal? I always… read more


Responsible Breeders Reach Out With a Positive Approach to Fight Anti-Breeder Sentiment

As a dog trainer and an instructor for puppy socialization classes, I can’t help but notice that almost all of the purebred puppies I see (and many popular purposely-bred mixes) are not from good local breeders but were purchased through the Internet. It’s actually quite astonishing: On a whim, anyone can Google a breed, click… read more


How We Must Change as Breeders and Why – A Football Field of Dogs

OK, sports fans, imagine standing on the 50-yard line and looking at an entire football field full of Cardigan Corgis. Thousands of dogs, representing the entire worldwide population of the breed. It is your job to get the breed from this football field to the next field, the field twenty years from now. You can… read more

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