Atlanta Obedience Club Honors AKC Paw of Courage Recipient, K-9 Tryko

The membership of the Atlanta Obedience Club was very honored to present the AKC K-9 Officer Program Certificate to K-9 Officer Tryko of Doraville, Georgia. Tryko was presented the certificate during Atlanta Obedience Club’sResponsible Dog Owners Day event. Atlanta Obedience Club donates to The Pawlice Fund which was set up by a local business, The… read more


The Xoloitzcuintli

From the pages of Best In Show Daily’s September Edition of our Digital Magazine The Xoloitzcuintli is a primitive dog breed, evidence of which has been confirmed from the relics of indigenous peoples of Mexico dating back over 3000 years. It is important to remember where these dogs originated, they were not developed through artificial… read more


Rising Stars of the New Millenium (Part 2)

These young men and women express the insight, the work ethic,the commitment and the passion to lead us forward into what may well become a new “Golden Age” of the sport. I see an awful lot of talent and smarts in this group Shine on Twentysomethings! Click here for Part 1 Julia Johns, 24, breeder/owner/handler,… read more


Rising Stars of the New Millenium (Part 1)

I hear a lot of folks decrying the woeful state of our sport populated, as I have been repeatedly assured by all-about-me millennials who never learned to work and requiring a participation ribbon for just showing up. I’ve even been known to mutter on this topic myself. Thus, it was with a bit of trepidation… read more

Judge hitting gavel

Palm Beach County (FL) Ordinance Would Strike Exemption for Hobby Breeders and Redefine “Pet Dealer”

On September 27, 2016, the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing and final vote on proposed amendments to the animal control ordinance. The provisions of the ordinance will be applicable to all incorporated and unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County, unless a municipal exemption applies. Although the proposed ordinance includes… read more

9-21-15 stawasz deaf dogs

Working with a Deaf Dog in Agility

This week is National Deaf Dog Awareness Week. Learn more about training a deaf dog to compete with you in agility. Running a deaf dog in agility can be a blast, but it does take special training and handling techniques. While there are challenges, you will build your skills and have such fun. Here are a… read more


As the Wheels Turn – Being There for Our Pets—Part II

Last week, I noted that estate planning is really the process of planning for death and incapacity, and I suggested ways to provide for your pet in the event you were to become incapacitated or disabled (though, as we saw, a Power of Attorney could be equally useful if you abscond to Hawaii for an… read more


What Would You Do With an Injured Stray? Part 2

Last week’s conundrum was the stray dog, who we’ve affectionately dubbed Big Bopper, in the hands of our capable Dr. Harbinger after the dog sustained injuries from being HBC (hit by car, in ER parlance), which is not nearly as bad as being HBW (hit by wombat – invariably fatal) or BEBZ (brain eaten by zombies). He… read more


The Legacy of 9/11 Dogs 15 Years Later

On first glance, this picture, from 2012, is one of unbearable sweetness, a true Awww moment. Two Golden Retrievers are standing together, one with a gray muzzle, the other a puppy, both wearing vests signifying that they are working dogs. The older dog is Bretagne, one of the heroes of Ground Zero. Nearly 15 years… read more

Judge hitting gavel

New Mexico: Santa Fe County Public Hearing on Breeder, Sterilization, Tethering Laws on Sept. 13

The Santa Fe County is holding the first of two public hearings on Tuesday, September 13, on a proposal that would impact all dog owners residing or participating in events in the county. Those who reside or participate in events in the county are strongly encouraged to contact the committee, and if possible, attend the… read more

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