Dog Writers Lunch Awards Banquet & Seminar Slate, Editor Appointments Announced

(New York – October 13, 2015) – The venerable Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has changed its longtime awards dinner to an expanded daylong format with a new seminar and luncheon awards banquet. The full day of events will be held Sunday, February 14, 2016 at the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City prior to… read more

Urban Resource Institute and Nestlé Purina Unveil the Purina Pet Haven

New York, NY – October 13, 2015 – Urban Resource Institute (URI) and Nestlé Purina PetCare (Purina) today hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate Manhattan’s first-ever dog park in a domestic violence shelter. The new dog park is located at Urban Women’s Retreat (UWR), a emergency shelter that is part of the URIPALS (People and… read more


Them Bones: Orthopedic Issues in Young, Large and Giant Breed Dogs

Maintaining the company of a “Clifford” creates a unique feeling of companionship. Walking beside a giant dog, one feels almost regal. And, not having to bend over to stroke your best buddy’s head is a nice perk. If you adopt a large or giant breed pup such as a German Shepherd, Great Dane, Wolfhound, or… read more

New USDA Guidance Emphasizes Licensing Requirements for Rescues and Rescue Transporters

A document released last week provides clarification and guidance on the USDA Retail Pet Store Rule and the Importation of Live Dogs Rule. This guidance contains no new policy changes, but highlights federal licensing requirements for individuals and groups that distribute or transport pets for transfer or sale within the United States. USDA licensing is… read more

AKC Booth at the Big E Promoted Purebred Dog to 1.3 Million Attendees

During this year’s The Big E, aka the Eastern States Exhibition, in West Springfield, Massachusetts, the AKC educated attendees about the purbred dog through a booth in the “Farm-a-rama” agricultural section of the exhibition and took part in the exhibition’s popular Connecticut Day Parade. This year, “New England’s Greatest State Fair” attracted 1.3 million people from Sept…. read more

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Breeder Bulletin – Jennifer Kofron, Sun Devil Curlies

Jennifer Kofron, Sun Devil Curlies An interview with Jennifer Kofron. Jennifer talks about her success in the breed, how form to function is key, and her recent trip to Australia. Where are you located? We are located in Brighton, Wisconsin. A small, rural town in Western Kenosha County. What is your kennel’s slogan/motto/goal? I always… read more

Telemedicine: Tele-Terrific or Tele-Terrible?

One of the main differences between advanced hospitals for animals and humans is that the majority of veterinary referral hospitals may lack one or more of the primary “on-site” specialists and outsource the activities they would typically perform to larger scale organizations through “telemedicine.” Only the largest private practice hospitals or veterinary schools have each… read more

Owner Handlers: Why Do We Go to Nationals?

When talking to regular (ie not dog show) people, I always have a difficult time relaying just how big our National Specialty is. I’ve tried sports analogies like the US Open (golf or tennis, take your pick); or, the Olympics (but every year). That is usually met with a polite smile. I have tried entertainment… read more

Flying the Friendly Skies with a Fake Service Dog

People who fake having service dogs so they can get them into airplane cabins for free or go into a restaurant should be shot in the foot and have their dogs taken away. That’s so they would know what it’s like to be disabled and not have a service dog who can do things like… read more


Nature vs. Nurture: Dog Breeds, Temperament and Training

Recently, an exasperated dog owner contacted me about her out-of-control, “aggressive” Labrador retriever. She was trying to understand why her 2-year-old dog actively challenges other dogs, men and children with growls, snaps and threatening postures. During our phone conversation she reminded me several times that “everyone knows” Labs are sweet and gentle creatures that love… read more

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