Making the Most of the Holidays

When Eastern Dog Club made its move to The Big E (Eastern States Exposition Center) for its December shows, the club wanted to “stand out” in some way. The Big E now hosts dog shows all year round and the club wanted its own identity. The decision was made to make the most of the… read more

Analysis Paralysis in Agility

Growing up I was forgetful. And not just ditzy, little kid forgetful either. I forget everything– everything. I was the kid who was driven back to school almost every night because I forgot a notebook, a book, the homework, my calculator.. my backpack– and that’s if I even remembered that I forgot it in the… read more

Be Satisfied

This thought process occurred on the flight home– between hour-late departures out of Houston and racing down the concourse to the connecting flight. The urge to write always seems to strike at the most inopportune moments. Like driving, or at work, or at 2am, or when the battery of my phone is close to dying… read more


Helen King on Structure Evaluation

When Susan Garrett asked me to write about what kind of structure to look for in performance puppies, I thought, sure but how do I give them the meaning of life in a few paragraphs? OK, that is a bit of an exaggeration but it is not something you learn in one blog entry. It… read more



As we all know, there are height or weight disqualifications in many breed standards as well as some class restrictions in several breeds. Only those breeds may be measured or weighed in the ring. Breed standards guide judges in their subjective evaluations, but when there is a height or weight disqualification, that subjectivity is taken… read more

AKC Reaches Out to New Registrants to Market the Sport 

Recently, a new bundle of Norwegian Elkhound joy named Adele joined our household. It had been years since prepping a puppy for shows was on our calendar. Dutifully, we went to work looking for matches between the loss of sleep, housebreaking havoc and learning to live according to a new puppy’s schedule. The first match… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Handling Tips FAQ — Moving With Your Dog

From a reader: “I have mostly shown my own dogs and do okay with it. …. Recently I have been unable to show my dogs because of knee problems… I have a three part question. (First) Do you have tips on running gracefully? Second, can you gait a dog properly even if you yourself are… read more

Road Trip Reviews #1 All Systems Delivers Quality and Consistent Products

This week, we are introducing a new contributor and fresh new column Road Trip Reviews. Thea Martin Robinson will be writing product reviews that are truly road tested in her real-world life of assisting and showing dogs. Her first column was created while logging over 3685 miles with two Malamute specialties, one Spinoni Specialty, and… read more

Clicker Training: Better, Faster, More

My favorite dog training story of recent vintage concerns three shelter dogs being taught to drive a car. That’s right, the New Zealand SPCA undertook canine drivers ed to demonstrate that rescue dogs are smart, trainable and indubitably adoptable. Heck, if a dog can learn to drive a car, any trick is possible, including fetching… read more


We're In a New York Frame of Mind!

While The Krew is not heading to the Garden this year, they did want to share some of their fav products for their followers. From yummy dog treats to luggage to travel clocks to tired feet to fancy socks, there’s a thoughtful recommendation for you. As with all their recommendations, The Krew only endorses products… read more

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