Cool Gifts, Comfy Beds, Eye Health and CAKE

The Krew is just as busy as Santa’s elves reviewing products that are must-haves for the year. Today’s column is their take on universal chargers that suit all platforms; washable dog beds for the incontinent dog; photo presentation perfect for presents; tear stain removers for the ultimate in simple tear stain prevention. And of course,… read more


This Weeks Krews Reviews – Special Offers Inside

This week, Krews Reviews takes on indestructible collars, people-treats that are vegan, kosher & all-natural friendly, a “fresh” line of shampoos & cleaners, All-American made & cleverly named dog treats, and a terrific line of garment bags with a special offer for any Best In Show Daily reader. You’ll want to read each review as all of… read more


Faking It: Artificial Enhancement in Show Dogs

Once when I was very young, but certainly not so young that I shouldn’t have known better, I was visiting a very famous Terrier handler in England. He was a very likable man, generous in sharing his knowledge and remarkably upfront about the dogs in his care. This one was a little crooked in front,… read more


Products Launched in 2012 Offer New Options

Each year brings hundreds of new dog products to market, and 2012 was no exception. From foods to leashes to supplements and grooming tools, new companies launched single products and long-established manufacturers upgraded trusted brands. Here’s a look at some of the new options you and your dogs gained in the last 12 months. Oster’s… read more

“Choosing the Right Dog: A Buyer’s Guide to All 121 Breeds” is a dog book written with the late 20th-century consumer in mind.

My Favorite Things: A Late 20th-Century Dog Book

I enjoy a good book, especially a good dog book. My office shelves are lined with volumes that cover a wide variety of canine-related themes, from New York Times best sellers to obscure German breed club yearbooks. Most were purchased in stores or online, but a few are signed copies of first editions discovered through… read more


Prep Your Tack Box with Care for Peace of Mind

The tack box is an indispensable tool for anyone who shows dogs. This portable storage unit is designed to accommodate an arsenal of supplies and is lightweight enough to travel just about anywhere. Aluminum models seem to be most popular and offer features that help to keep busy exhibitors organized and ready for ring time…. read more

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