Meet the Breed Note Writer: Ellen Minto – Canaan Dogs

In this month’s ‘meet the breed note writer’ DOG WOLRD’s Danni Medhurst talks to Canaan Dog writer Ellen Minto (Anacan). Breeding and exhibiting is no easy task. It takes considerable time, expense and concern aiming to produce a healthy litter of dogs that meet the Standard and are fit for function, and promote the breed… read more


KC Decides Not to Fund Semen Bank for Vulnerable Native Breeds

A GROUP called the Canine Gene Bank Group has been attempting to set up a charity and get financial help from the Kennel Club to create a semen bank for the protection and preservation of the UK’s vulnerable native dog breeds. The KC has now advised the group that it does not plan to support… read more

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The Toy Bull Terrier

Last Saturday we travelled up to London to see the ‘Empress of Soul’, Gladys Knight, in concert. As usual Ms Knight delivered a flawless performance (it’s hard to believe that this great lady is now 72!) and we all left the Albert Hall very happy and satisfied with the night. That feeling of elation was… read more


The Von Doms

I come from a very working class background but both sides of my family always insisted on having pedigree dogs. My father’s side of the family kept Dachshunds; my mother’s side were more eclectic in their tastes keeping among others, Dobermanns, German Shepherds, Samoyeds and Boxers. My mum’s childhood (in the early 1950’s) was spent… read more


Pumi Joins the Pack as American Kennel Club’s 190th Breed

New York – The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry, announced today that the Pumi has received full recognition, joining the AKC family as the 190th breed. “We’re thrilled to have the Pumi receive full AKC recognition,” said AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo.  “This lively, adorable dog makes a wonderful companion… read more


What’s this Got to Do With Pedigree Dogs?

CAN certainly tell that summer has arrived when the county shows begin. I visited the Devon county show the other week and, as usual, it didn’t disappoint. While Marc showed the dogs I wandered around Westpoint and visited the various livestock exhibitions. It’s always incredible to see how such a small island has managed to… read more


A Memorial Day Salute: Our Military Working Dogs

In honor of Memorial Day, I would like to pay tribute to some very special heroes— the U.S military working dogs. I am a sucker for a good dog story and this is the story of thousands of good dogs! A Few Notable Combat Canines Dogs in the military are nothing new. They have been… read more


As the Wheels Turn – Riot Grrls and the Glass Ceiling

A couple weeks ago we talked about the struggles and satisfaction of campaigning a bitch. That spawned questions about how our women fare in the sport. The purebred dog fancy’s early days were dominated by men. The sport of dogs evolved gradually from the fields of houndsmen and bird hunters in 19th century England, so… read more


Black and Floppy Eared Samoyeds

Once again this weekend saw us on our usual ‘house-hunting’ expedition along the south coast ofDevon. For lunch we stopped into the dog friendly Visto Lounge and ordered their Thai green curry. As the weather was unusually clement we decided to sit outside and soon a couple (accompanied by a gorgeous Samoyed) claimed the next… read more


How We Must Change as Breeders and Why – A Football Field of Dogs

OK, sports fans, imagine standing on the 50-yard line and looking at an entire football field full of Cardigan Corgis. Thousands of dogs, representing the entire worldwide population of the breed. It is your job to get the breed from this football field to the next field, the field twenty years from now. You can… read more

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