Past People

In the Dog House – Crufts 1939

DID YOU see a fascinating piece in the Guardian’s From the Archive section? It reported on an incident I must admit I’d never heard about. It came from February 1939, the time of the last post-war Cruft’s show, the only one run by Emma Cruft following the death of her husband Charles, the show’s founder…. read more

The Dogs of Ronald Reagan

Ronald and Nancy Reagan were definitely “animal people” and had several dogs. Before, during, and after the presidency (spanning from 1981-89), Ronald Reagan also was frequently seen on horseback, often accompanied by Nancy. In 1987, the press was nearby when he was in Nebraska about to go off on a ride and he left them… read more

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night

The recent winter weather sweeping through Wyoming and the rest of the country prompted me to think of how Dog People manage to arrive at the ring no matter what Mother Nature throws in our path. How many of you know folks who simply said, “well its storming so we are staying home?” How many… read more

Sinbad: Coast Guard Mascot

The story goes that in 1937 two Coast Guardsmen were returning to their ship, The U.S.S. George W. Campbell, that was at a dock in Staten Island. That night they carried with them a bag they were trying to conceal. Once in their bunk they opened the bag to reveal to some of the other… read more

John Steinbeck's Poodle, Charley

By 1960 John Steinbeck (1902-1968) had achieved both fame and fortune. He and his third wife, Elaine, split their time primarily in New York City and Sag Harbor, and most of their trips were to Europe. Because Steinbeck had been ill the previous year, he began to re-consider how he wanted to spend the next… read more

Save the Date in 2015: The Fourth “Modern” Morris & Essex Kennel Club

There’s still nearly two years go to, but I can’t wait… Newer fanciers may not even have heard of Morris & Essex Kennel Club, the historical dog show event that’s held only once every five years, but that shouldn’t stop you from setting aside Thursday, October 1st, 2015 for a visit to this legendary show…. read more


My Favorite Things – Inspiration

One of my favorite aspects of being part of purebred dogs is remembering the people who inspired me, when I was young, to continue in the sport. As a kid who grew up around the Terrier rings, of course there were lots of great Terrier men who were inspiring, but there was one woman that… read more

The 'Godless Girl' Who Went to the Dogs – Remembering a Colorful Life

The dog fancy has always attracted more than its share of colorful, even outrageous, individuals. Dog shows have their roots in serious livestock competition, but they soon developed elements of glamour and high drama that would naturally appeal to people with a sense of the theatrical. There’s no question that when you show dogs you’re… read more

In 1978 a puppy Bill bred and handled, Misty Ridges Hot Rocks, was Winners Dog at just 9 months of age at Poodle Club of America’s regional specialty, from the Bred-by class. Sired by Bill’s Ch. Dacun’s Blu Mecca, the puppy was co-bred and owned by Kathleen Champa. Photo by Olson, courtesy of Poodle Variety.

In Memoriam: Bill Cunningham

When Poodle Club of America’s National Specialty classes begin next Wednesday, one member in particular will be very much missed. Bill Cunningham was the vice president of PCA when he passed away on April 5, but to those who have known him during his more than 50 years in dogs, he was much more than… read more


Dogs on the Walls

New York gallery mounts Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge exhibit. By Christi McDonald The William Secord Gallery, located in New York City, is a popular annual destination for many fanciers when they visit Manhattan in February each year for Westminster. Bill Secord is a recognized authority – in fact the authority worldwide – on 19th century dog… read more

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