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As the Wheels Turn – Emergency Preparedness

Fire. Flood. Tornado. Hurricane. Earthquake. Car accident. Medical emergency. Anything can happen, has happened and could well happen again. When we have responsibility for the lives of the dogs in our care, this makes planning ahead a vital consideration. Out here on the West Coast, literally hundreds of thousands of acres are burning down around… read more

laura reevespha-42

As The Wheels Turn – We Are Family

Reprinted as a tribute to Ollie Click, a perennial PHA leader and gentleman of the sport of purebred dogs. God speed and peaceful rest my friend. “Some of my peeps may not understand my world. I live sort of like a gypsy. I travel ungodly miles and keep ungodly hours and have an ungodly uproar… read more

Caravan Hound Fanciers Propose Standard

The following letter and the proposal for a breed standard for the Caravan Hound is the result of the hard work and dedication of several fanciers in India, helped along by a few knowledgeable North American and European sighthound judges. Time and again, those who have known this breed beyond the confines of the show… read more


Owner Handlers — It’s Okay to Be Happy If It Weren’t for the Grousing

Once again, I find myself comparing the workplace to the showplace. There was a time in my (real) career that I honestly thought my job was to find the pitfalls in my company’s way forward. I looked at it as an opportunity to head off disaster – the well prepared is well armed approach. The… read more

Good Enough isn’t Good Enough

Sometimes I want to pick everything up and move across the country. Sometimes I want to drive to each corner, see everything with new eyes, listen to music, read books, hike– agility included, maybe, take photos, sit, think, breathe. Sometimes I want to chop all my hair off, and get bangs (thankfully I haven’t indulged… read more


If at First Ya Don’t Succeed…

Keep on suckin’ ‘til ya do suck seed! NYUK NYUK NYUK. When my brother and I were young, we were glued to the television every Saturday morning (assuming I didn’t have a horse show). Our very most favorite TV shows to watch were old episodes of The Three Stooges. We liked the “REAL” Three Stooges. We only… read more

Say No/ Say Yes

Saying no to people is one of the hardest things for me to do. This is actually hard for me to even write out: it’s impossible to make everyone happy. It’s hard because part of my brain is screaming, “YES IT IS! YOU MUST TRY HARDER!” even as I type. I find myself over-committing constantly. I… read more

The Carriage Horses: Remember The Biggest Animal Story Of Them All?

There is a conflict raging in New York City, it has been going on for years, it is coming to a head in a critical way soon on one of the world’s most important stages. The outcome will help determine the future of domesticated animals in our world and whether or not they will remain… read more

Safe at Home with the Motorola Scout 66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Monitor

The camera loves Wally Bell. Photogenic to a fault, he’s frequently stopped during walks and outings by neighbors and strangers alike who just want to get a closer look at his splendiferous visage, and maybe have a quick picture taken with the local Rock Star. Like the handler of a red carpet A-Lister, I’m constantly… read more


What Do You Think About Grief?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about grief. I’m not sure if it’s associated with the particularly gloomy run of cases I’ve seen at the clinic or the personal stress and sadness I’ve recently faced, but something is pulling my emotional barometer towards focusing on the different ways people inwardly, and outwardly, express grief. I’ve… read more

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