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Nature vs. Nurture: Dog Breeds, Temperament and Training

Recently, an exasperated dog owner contacted me about her out-of-control, “aggressive” Labrador retriever. She was trying to understand why her 2-year-old dog actively challenges other dogs, men and children with growls, snaps and threatening postures. During our phone conversation she reminded me several times that “everyone knows” Labs are sweet and gentle creatures that love… read more


I was reminded yesterday by a good friend of something I said almost a year ago. About dreams that push you to you to do what you never thought possible before. It was a nice reminder from her– a timely one, as they most often seem to be. Dreams should push you to your limits,… read more


BDC World Championships 2015

We are only a month away from the 2015 BDC World Championships which will be held at Muddy Creek Game Birds in Meriden, KS on October 20-24, 2015.  Registration will be on Tuesday, October 19 from 3-5:30 p.m.  Following registration, we will have a handler’s meeting for those competitors that begin tournament play on Wednesday…. read more


Dog Events Across the U.S. This Labor Day Weekend

Looking for something fun to do this Labor Day weekend? Consider heading out to see beautiful and talented dogs of all kinds at a dog show, agility or obedience trial, herdingtest, lure coursing trial, earthdog test, or other canine event in your area. Below are just a few of the many AKC dog events happening… read more

Fashion in Dogs

The selection of photographs of Dachshund Champions throughout the blog are all from the early 1900s. A NUMBER of magazines have recently published articles about several of our native breeds, writing of their crash in numbers and slide in popularity and their impending extinction. In sharp contrast my own breed (the Dachshund) and the French… read more

Age Teaches Us to be Thankful

Time has crept up on Nike and I. He has transitioned both suddenly and gradually into seniority– a conflicting feeling I haven’t yet reconciled. It’s almost as if we were still playing agility and running uphill together during hikes just last year, and yet at the same time it’s another lifetime away. There was a… read more

Surf Dog Ricochet Makes Dream Come True for Sisters With Same Terminal Illness

Last Wednesday, Ricochet surfed with 17 year old Savannah and 19 year old Bellamy Arterburn from Denver, Colorado. They both have the same terminal illness, Friedreich’s ataxia, a debilitating and degenerative neuro-muscular disorder with no treatment or cure. They traveled to San Diego to catch some waves with their favorite canine, as well as experience… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Emergency Preparedness

Fire. Flood. Tornado. Hurricane. Earthquake. Car accident. Medical emergency. Anything can happen, has happened and could well happen again. When we have responsibility for the lives of the dogs in our care, this makes planning ahead a vital consideration. Out here on the West Coast, literally hundreds of thousands of acres are burning down around… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – We Are Family

Reprinted as a tribute to Ollie Click, a perennial PHA leader and gentleman of the sport of purebred dogs. God speed and peaceful rest my friend. “Some of my peeps may not understand my world. I live sort of like a gypsy. I travel ungodly miles and keep ungodly hours and have an ungodly uproar… read more

Caravan Hound Fanciers Propose Standard

The following letter and the proposal for a breed standard for the Caravan Hound is the result of the hard work and dedication of several fanciers in India, helped along by a few knowledgeable North American and European sighthound judges. Time and again, those who have known this breed beyond the confines of the show… read more

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