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Paws among Paratroopers: Therapy dog calms, uplifts and heals

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – The cold morning air sent chills across Paratroopers’ skin as they waited for the four-mile Division run to start. Everyone appeared cold, except for one. Lt. Col. Lexy appeared impervious to the chilled breeze as she visited shivering Paratroopers standing in formation—it must have been her fur coat that shielded most… read more

Do You Know a Dog That Deserves an AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence? Nominate Your Canine Hero!

To celebrate the dogs that enrich, inspire, or in some meaningful way contribute to the lives of individuals or entire communities, the AKC Humane FundSM is seeking nominations for its AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE). The submission deadline is July 1, 2014. Since the creation of the awards program in 2000, 70… read more

The Afterglow Saga – Part 1

Following their triumph at Crufts on Sunday night we thought it would be interesting to dig out this feature originally printed in the Dog World Annual in 2012 which charts the development and success of the Afterglow kennel. FOR THOSE who have been attending for many years the Kennel Club’s often somewhat soporific annual meetings,… read more

Goodwill and Enthusiasm Bring Together Pawscars Awards

WHAT to write about this week? There really is only one subject and that is the forthcoming Pawscars awards ceremony now less than two weeks away. I’m staggered that the whole thing has come together in quite the way it has. The people who make up the Pawscars committee had a meeting this week at… read more

AKC Judges On Strike? Spoiled Prima Donnas or Unfairly Maligned?

A lot has been written about dog show judges recently. This is obviously a subject that concerns a lot of people: 38 readers submitted published comments to my article last month about the AKC Judges Approval system, which may be some sort of personal record, and I haven’t been able to go anywhere without people… read more

Westminster Kennel Club Launches New Version of Smartphone App for 2014

In 2013, Westminster introduced an official smartphone application and had more than 80,000 users download the free digital show guide. The Smartphone app helped veteran Westminster attendees navigate Piers 92/94, the new home to breed judging with maps, directions and transportation information. The app helped newcomers navigate the show with information on every breed, every… read more


Tasting Table – The Bleeding Edge Restaurant Magazine

Do you wonder where the in-crowd sources their information on top restaurants, food festivals & chi-chi cocktail bars? Are you tired of inauthentic, inaccurate reviews from “crowd sourced” sites. No need to be disappointed any longer, Tasting Table (tastingtable.com) is THE online resource for reviews, reservations and even recipes from top restaurants. The magazine is… read more

Corgi Valentines2

Happy Valentine’s from Texas Corgi Rescue – Share the Love

Want a unique Valentine for your friends and family in the dog fancy? Want to help them all keep their weight loss resolutions by not giving them candy? Want to do two good deeds with one donation? The Top of Texas Corgi Rescue has the perfect solution for you. Russell-Stover Chocolates (www.russellstover.com) released a special… read more

Jennifer Stewart – Combining Art And Dogs Successfully

It is always nice to see fine art work of any breed. Of course, it is even nicer when the artist is also infatuated with your own breed. While Jennifer Stewart started off obsessed with horses, she quickly moved on to dogs and has never looked back. “About 20 years ago I met and fell… read more

50th Anniversary Of The EURODOGSHOW Kortrijk

As every show, it all started small. In 1964 Mr José Misselyn organized the first edition in Menen, a small town nearby Kortrijk. In 1970 I entered my Great Dane for this show and I remember that it took already place in the first expo halls of Kortrijk. 25 years ago I started to work… read more

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