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Hey everyone! Welcome to Best in Show Daily, the new fresh outlook with instant updates and features for all you dog show lovers out there! I’m Kayla, and I will be bringing you regular reports on what’s going on in the lives of juniors, assistants & more! If you didn’t already know, DFR my friends… read more

Introducing 'The Back Story'

Welcome to Best In Show Daily!   I am Billy Wheeler and I’m here to give you the Back Stories from the dog show world. Some of you may know me as the publisher of the dog show blog, Dog Show Poop. I attended my first dog show in 1968 here in Memphis TN. The host… read more

Best In Show Daily, Editor and Chief

'Welcome to Best in Show Daily'

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” according to 1970’s Jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, but in 2012 it most certainly will be blogged, tweeted and “friended” on Facebook! Welcome to Best In Show Daily, the revolutionary new online publication serving the dog show community. Beginning this year, our experienced team will bring you up-to-the-minute coverage of… read more

Famous California Breeders – No. 1 in a Series

In this series of articles, we will take a trip back through the decades to highlight some of the most influential West Coast breeders. I look forward to informing the members of the CATC of the great heritage your part of our country had upon the breed we all hold dear. Some of these historical… read more

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