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As the Wheels Turn – Fanciers Offer a Helping Hand

In a world where hate and anger and outrage bubble just around every corner, the purebred dog community consistently comes through to help animals and people in this country. This isn’t just goody-two-shoes rhetoric. This is real. This starts with purebred dog rescues working tirelessly, supported and staffed by volunteers from parent clubs across the… read more


As the Wheels Turn – A Conversation with Mr. Bill

Bill McFadden, in partnership with his wife Taffe, has set a standard for professional handling with class, dignity and decorum for more than 25 years. He also is a breeder of Wire Fox Terriers and was invited last year to judge the breed at the most important show of all Terrierdom in this country, Montgomery… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – Culture Clash

Amongst long time fanciers, there are certain topics of conversation that crop up repeatedly in reference to the changing face of the sport. By long time, I mean at least 20 years, and usually those of my “vintage” if you will, of 30 years involved or more. These are discussions I have had personally, repeatedly,… read more


In the Year of Living Well, Embrace Compassion and Provide Inspiration.

Editor’s Note: Randy Schepper was a member of the Pacific Northwest professional handling community from my earliest memories. He started in Irish Setters, but more recently was involved with breeding Golden Retrievers. He was always classy, professional, well-dressed, cordial to everyone. In 20 years, I truly cannot say I ever saw him with anything but… read more


As the Wheels Turn – *Everybody* Started Somewhere

A dear friend gave me the idea for this column with a fun spiel on social media. But it made me stop and think. Many of the winners and placers at this year’s WKC, more so than usual, were friends, acquaintances and/or contemporaries. I’ve watched some of these folks “grow up” in dogs. But every… read more


Good Eats Near MSG!

Looking for good eats near MSG during Westminster week? Who isn’t? BISD has compiled a list of must try restaurants and pubs from cafe’s to elegant dining and everything in between. The Breslin With all that scene and style at the anchor canteen of the Ace Hotel in the heart of the newly emerged NoMad… read more

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2016 National Championship Judging Panel Now Available

The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) and Royal Canin are pleased to announce the judging panel for the 2016 National Championship to be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, December 17 and Sunday, December 18, 2016. The 2016 event will showcase the top national and international dogs and will also… read more


As the Wheels Turn – The Magic that Is THE Garden

“My friends are making dinner reservations at fancy restaurants in Little Italy and booking Broadway shows….. I’m all, hey, I’m getting on an airplane, doesn’t that count?” Seriously, ramping up to the Garden is always exciting, nervous making, thrilling, tedious, awe-inspiring and anxiety-inducing. Dreams of spot lights and green carpet get mixed up with nightmares… read more


As the Wheels Turn – Fairy Tales and the Judging Corps

Judge A and Judge B walk in to a dog show. Judge A studies standards, works a full-time job, breeds her own dogs to the standard of the breed, judges multiple venues, considers dog shows a place to evaluate breeding stock and places dogs with that in mind. Judge B judges dog shows full-time, hasn’t… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs make the world go ‘round. The cuteness factor is undeniable. In fact, basic Advertising 101 includes an entire chapter on incorporating kids and animals for maximum impact in a product launch. At AKC dog shows, the generational aspect of dog people having children, raising them at the shows and watching them continue… read more

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