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As the Wheels Turn – Serendipity Leads to Tattoos

The conversation is predictable. “What do you do?” “I show dogs for a living.” “Wow! That must be so exciting!” “Well, it has its moments…” I had stopped at the bank and was visiting with the “line greeter” employee stationed to chat with the finger-drumming, pocket-change-rattling customers. It became more interesting when the gal said… read more

Operation Hug Dart

I’m no stranger to dog fights. I started my first pack while living remotely in the mountains—extraordinary, experienced varmint hunters who didn’t just squabble when the time came for the changing of the guard.  No, they inflicted significant damage.  As we were three hours from the vet we couldn’t afford, it behooved me not only… read more

As the Wheels Turn – Flashback Judging Panel

A recent swirl on Social Media has led to some outstanding discussions, so I wanted to share it with a wider audience. The question is: “Name five Judges who have passed on or who have retired that I would like to see judge one more dog show.” For many of us, this brought great memories… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Caveat Emptor

“[Latin, Let the buyer beware.] A warning that notifies a buyer that the goods he or she is buying are ‘as is,’ or subject to all defects.” We live in an era of ambiguity. The elected leaders of the free world twist a phrase in order to dodge responsibility. It’s no wonder our young people… read more


Today a great neighbor gave us a large tray of brownies; who does not like a great moist thick brownie! My wife Kay has been helping our neighbor, an elderly veteran apply eye drops and Ivan being an appreciative soul took the time to cook these delicious goodies! I got home this afternoon and saw… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Remembrances

I’ve had the opportunity this week to be reminded, rather forcefully, that, actually, almost nothing is very important when chalked up next to life and death. Our sport lost a great dog man, mentor and friend with the final farewell of Don Rodgers on Feb. 27. Don was not an easy person. Anyone who knew… read more

Keeping the Fun in Dog Sports – Barn Hunt Style Part 1

Most people get started in dog sports to have fun with their dogs – or to wear an overly exuberant dog out. Barn hunt is the latest dog sport to attract people who want to have fun with their dogs. Some barn hunt groups have created great “communities” and put heavy stress on fun. The… read more


Gone to the Dogs

There’s a thing going on in the dog world these days. It is not a good thing. It can be hard to talk about objectively, simply because we do all care so very much about our dogs, and the fate of dogs in general. This ungood thing has become so pervasive that we can be… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – Road Stories – The Desert Southwest

It’s Monday night and I’m leaving the palm trees and asphalt jungle of Phoenix. Traffic and brake lights in the fading sunset. Only made it to Wickenburg, where I’m soaking my feet in the jacuzzi while a cowboy ropes a steer dummy by the flickering glow of street lights in the hotel parking lot. Listening… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Too Cool for School

Has “Too Cool for School” trumped “Old School”? A young friend of mine recently was reminiscing on social media about learning to trim a very challenging terrier breed. I remember her excitement and trepidation when she first took on this new task. And her sense of accomplishment when she got it right. It made me… read more

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