The Back Story

Heading to Houston

Next week I am heading to Houston for the Reliant Series of Dog Shows, a week of specialties, limited-breed shows, and three all-breed shows that are among the largest we will see all year. The Houston shows cap a three-week tour through Texas that started two weeks ago in Dallas and is currently in San… read more


Breed Standards as Gospel

I am a boy from the South. I was brought up not to discuss religion, politics or sex in public. Although I have been a Roman Catholic all my adult life, I was raised in the local Southern Baptist church from my earliest memory until I graduated high school. I have fond memories of that… read more


Top Two Throwdown

At first look one might think that the 2013 show season is a runaway. The Number One Dog All Breeds, the Wire Fox Terrier, GCH CH AfterAll Painting the Sky, has maintained a better than 10,000-point lead over the field for the last two months. However, a look at the past few seasons leads me… read more


Midyear Top Twenty

It’s well known that I love my numbers. Charts and graphs are my security blanket. Like a child hiding under the covers from the boogeyman, a couple of spreadsheets provide me with the illusion that I really know what’s going on in my beloved dog game. While behind in my show reports, I am up-to-date… read more


If I Had 100 Years

I like the number 100. I have a list of 100 novels that, if read, will allow me to die literate and literally at the same time. I have a list of 100 places to see before I die (I’ve only hit made it to 11), 100 paintings to consider and 100 pieces of classical… read more


Trio of Hat Tricks

If last week had a shortage of multiple BIS winners, this week has more than made up for it. It’s a rare week where there are three dogs getting a hat trick, three shows in one stop. The country’s Number Two Dog All Breeds, the Miniature Pinscher, GCH CH Marlex Classic Red Glare, a Florida… read more


What Did That Title Cost?

I review a lot of online catalogs while preparing reports for my blog, Dog Show Poop. Although I report on only the Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show and Group winners, I do look at all the Group placements and many of the breed placements. While looking at catalogs recently, I saw two interesting… read more


Biggest Weekend of the Year

Just about everywhere you turned this week there were dog shows. We have had six straight days of shows, 42 all-breed shows in 15 different locations. If that’s not enough, consider that we still have shows going on in Montana and Virginia. Add in the big Terrier gathering in Long Beach, the Great Western Terrier… read more


Meet My Newest Dogs2Watch

One of the most popular features of my blog Dog Show Poop is my list of Dogs2Watch, dogs that I think will be among the top-ranked dogs in the near future. There are no hard and fast criteria for the list. I like to recognize a dog that has had won at least one BIS,… read more


Road Trip!

As I reviewed the results this week, I was reminded of one aspect of the sport I have not really participated in – the extended road trip. I am, by nature, lazy. Well, my wife thinks I am lazy. I like to think I use my resources efficiently. Accordingly, when I take in a dog show… read more

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