Allison Foley How to Campaign A Dog

 So you want to take a run at that #1 spot-whether top in your breed, in your group or the coveted run to be one of the top dogs all breeds in this country here is a guideline to help you figure out your goal and most importantly how to get there. As explained in… read more


Resolving Eye Staining

This week, Allison walks your through caring for dogs with eye staining. Watch this awesome video that talks you through all the steps.

Big news on Thursday, 14th of September, 2017.

Thursday, 14th of September was a great event for the dog world, as this was the inaugural of the Eukanuba Performance Games at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio. Four days packed with dog performance events designed to test a dog’s speed, agility & performance! Early Thursday morning, the event was officially opened with a ribbon… read more

LeadingEdge dog show academy

Hey all LeadingEdge Dog Show Academy by Allison Folley has a preview video on how other countries handle their dog shows! As always special code on the bottom of the article! This video she looks at the other Kennel Clubs in other countries and other important information! Leadingedge has a very generous offer for Best In Show… read more

Poodle grooming techniques from Leadingedge as always special code!

Hey everyone, Leadingedge has a trailer for poodle grooming! As always Best in Show Daily has a Special Code on the bottom of the article! This trailer is for the grooming of your poodle and how to do some of her tips and tricks! Come and view! Leadingedge has a very generous offer for Best In… read more

New video from Leading Edge Dog Show Academy- How Dog Shows work

Hi everyone there’s a new video from Allison Foley’s Leading Edge Dog Show Academy. As always Special Code end of article! This video is about those who want to start the dog show process or those who want to know how a dog shows goes. Very helpful for not just a newcomer as well, come brush… read more

KC Told, ‘Lighten Up’ or Risk GSD Clubs Closing

ANY GERMAN Shepherd who shows signs of stress should be dismissed from the ring, the Kennel Club has ruled – but it’s the show managers who are really under stress, according to the breed council secretary. The instruction to dismiss dogs showing stress  is included in a new film emphasising judges’ ‘responsibilities to the health… read more

laura reevespha-42

As the Wheels Turn – Just a dog handler?

Litter evaluator. Puppy kindergarten teacher. Teenager (human or canine) bootcamp drill sergeant. Handling instructor. Breeding plans advisor. Therapist. Veterinary assistant. Stud dog manager. These are just a few of the services handlers provide their clients, in addition to grooming, conditioning and traveling. Oh, yeah, and we run around the ring, too. For many of us,… read more


The Small Dog Mafia (part 1)

In Part One on this article, we introduce the “Small Dog Mafia” from Northern California. Go to the USDAA Top 10 Standings for Gamblers in a given year (or better yet, Lifetime) and you will likely see several of the same names: Lisa White, Gail Mahood, Laura Hartwick, Arlene Watson, Deborah Ogg, gracing the C12/14/16… read more

AKC Judge Opens Owner Handling Mentoring Program

DOG SHOW MENTOR FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 24, 2016 Lee Whittier, Founder DogShowMentor@gmail.com 802.369.0380   PRESS RELEASE AKC judge opens owner-handler mentoring program October 30, 2016 Vancouver, WA – Many dog world insiders are lamenting the sad state of American Kennel Club dog shows, and while Judge Lee Whittier recognizes the issues, she also rejoices… read more

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