Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara All Photos Courtesy of Diana Han For More Contact: norcalbulldogger@gmail.com

Elgin KC

Elgin Kennel Club August 22, 2015 Photos by Jess Pearson

Mensona KC

Mensona KC August 23, 2015 Photos by Heather McDowall

A Boston Mystery

Those who regularly follow my articles and blog posts will know that a certain, very special, little lady has wormed her way into my affections. Although she is officially my mother’s dog, I have to admit that I have been completely (and literally on more than one occasion!) bowled over by Lola, our energetic, boisterous,… read more

Evidentiary Hearing For Piper on July 23

The on-going case over Piper, the Sheltie, returns to the Franklin County Municipal Court on July 23 for an Evidentiary Hearing to determine the Replevin Claim filed by Veronica Covatch and Michelle Wilson against Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue/Penny Sanderbeck. On October 28, Attorney Lloyd Cohen retired from the case after attempts to mediate a settlement… read more

Photographic Evidence – Max Bowman Case


Putting Together Listening & Observations for Better Partnering

This last weekend felt like one of strangest I’ve had with Bolt. Strange in that he had seemingly morphed into an unpredictable, contact-leaping, distracted dog I didn’t know. We weren’t ourselves. We weren’t communicating the same way we usually do. Our first run delivered a first-ever: a spectacular arc over the yellow bottom bit of… read more

KC Tightens ‘Dogs in Cars’ Rule – but is That Fair, Asks Exhibitor

THE KENNEL Club’s directive on leaving dogs in cars at shows and other events has been extended to cover all vehicles. Organisers of KC-licensed shows and events have struggled to enforce the rule on people who have their dogs in larger vehicles. “We want to make it explicitly clear that dogs can overheat in vans… read more

What Will Be

I think it would be almost impossible to put everything I’m feeling into words. As it usually is, agility has the impressive power to bring the highest highs on the same day it delivers the lows. Except, I guess I never really felt that low this time around. Saturday was, without a doubt, my favorite… read more


Glomerular Disease in Dogs

Glomerular disease occurs quite commonly in dogs. It affects purebreds and mixed-breeds alike, and can be an inherited disorder in Shar Peis, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Bull Terriers, Dalmatians, Samoyeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Doberman Pinschers, Newfoundlands, and English Cocker Spaniels. Terminology Veterinarians use a number of different terms interchangeably when describing “glomerular disease”. Here is… read more

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