Photographic Evidence – Max Bowman Case


Putting Together Listening & Observations for Better Partnering

This last weekend felt like one of strangest I’ve had with Bolt. Strange in that he had seemingly morphed into an unpredictable, contact-leaping, distracted dog I didn’t know. We weren’t ourselves. We weren’t communicating the same way we usually do. Our first run delivered a first-ever: a spectacular arc over the yellow bottom bit of… read more

KC Tightens ‘Dogs in Cars’ Rule – but is That Fair, Asks Exhibitor

THE KENNEL Club’s directive on leaving dogs in cars at shows and other events has been extended to cover all vehicles. Organisers of KC-licensed shows and events have struggled to enforce the rule on people who have their dogs in larger vehicles. “We want to make it explicitly clear that dogs can overheat in vans… read more

What Will Be

I think it would be almost impossible to put everything I’m feeling into words. As it usually is, agility has the impressive power to bring the highest highs on the same day it delivers the lows. Except, I guess I never really felt that low this time around. Saturday was, without a doubt, my favorite… read more


Glomerular Disease in Dogs

Glomerular disease occurs quite commonly in dogs. It affects purebreds and mixed-breeds alike, and can be an inherited disorder in Shar Peis, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Bull Terriers, Dalmatians, Samoyeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Doberman Pinschers, Newfoundlands, and English Cocker Spaniels. Terminology Veterinarians use a number of different terms interchangeably when describing “glomerular disease”. Here is… read more


City of Whittier, CA to Adopt Mandatory/Spay Neuter

Dear AKC Delegates, Club Officers, Legislative Liaisons and Breeders, Please share this information with your club members in the Whittier, CA (Los Angeles) area. The City of Whittier will consider an ordinance on Tuesday, April 28th, that will adopt the County of Los Angeles’s animal control code, including the provisions mandating sterilization of any dog… read more

laura reevespha-42

As the Wheels Turn – No Foolin’

At the dog show this weekend, I saw…… Now, finish that sentence with a positive experience. I know, harder than one would hope, isn’t it? The “drama” can make it tough to focus on the good sometimes. Even as oblivious as I tend to be, I’m as guilty as anyone else of not being able… read more

Motion for Protective Order

Protective Order COSR Interrogatories


There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!

Across the nation and around the world was heard, “Jumping Jehosephat”! Or some version thereof, as the long-shot 15” Beagle, Miss P, beat the much touted favorites for Best In Show at the Garden. At 15:1 from the Vegas odds-makers, the jaunty little Canadian bitch, Ch Tashtins Lookin For Trouble and her Canadian handler, Will… read more

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