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Coming up short

Recently I heard about a social science experiment that explored what almost winning did to a person’s outlook. This was related more in context to coming close to winning the lottery (think of that outrageously massive Powerball jackpot last month) and what that would do to someone’s overall motivation. The predicted result was that getting… read more


Continuing Live Coverage…. BIS

Mr. Richard Meen from Toronto, Ontario, Canada has some very popular dogs from which to choose. Rumor the German Shepherd Dog. CJ the German Shorthaired Pointer. Bogie the Samoyed. Lucy the Borzoi. Charlie the Skye Terrier. Panda the Shih Tzu. Annabelle the Bulldog. In all honesty, the crowd support for the venerable Jean Heatherington and… read more


Continuing live coverage… Terrier

Mr. Geir Flyckt-Pedersen, Raleigh, NC, takes a look at 30-plus terriers tonight. Looking at the line up, I see a lovely Australian terrier, a very pretty Border terrier, the wire fox that’s been on fire with Leonardo Garcini, a snazzy Irish, a major upset in Kerry Blue Terriers with a breeder owner handler prevailing in this high profile ring. The perennially fabulous… read more


Continuing live coverage… working

Mr. Norm Kenney, Texas, takes on the working group tonight. These large, primarily guardian breeds represent a great deal of history and prestige in the sport. Giant schnauzer BOB went to Ed Fojtik. Ed was Awarded Owner Handler of the Year on Friday by Dogs in Review magazine. Alaskan Malamute, the Rock Star, handled by… read more


Continuing live coverage…. Sporting

The GSP, CJ, the Prince, is the talk of the town. Ms. Bonnie Threlfall, Cary, NC presides over the sporting group that is already showing a large number of upset wins. The sleeper in the group, literally, is the Clumber Spaniel, Gch. Clussex Man of Steel. He and handler Erin Myers have been on fire… read more


Westminster Photo Gallery Tues Feb 16th

Welcome to our photo  gallery for Westminster Kennel Club Day 2  We’ll continue to update this throughout the day and during Groups and Best in Show. Click here for monday’s Gallery Click here for Tuesday’s Gallery


Live continuing coverage… herding

Herding group, judged by Mrs. Dorothy Collier, rounds out our evening’s events. The group features a number of cool new breeds this year including the Bergamasco, Spanish Water Dog and Berger Picard. Herding dogs are by job description alert and hyper aware. As a result, they can be reactive in the high pressure environment here. You… read more


Continuing live coverage…. NonSporting

Mr. Luc Boileau, Lake Geneva, Wis. was repeatedly touted by everyone I talked to today as a tough, but fair judge who knows his own mind and will choose what he likes. AKC’s Non sporting group is a collection of random breeds that for  whatever reason are not placed in other groups. Dalmatians, Poodles, Finnish… read more

Continuing live coverage… Toys

Toy group with Jason Hoke, from Madison, WI. I’m seeing quite a few upsets in this group tonight. Quite a few top ranked dogs didn’t make it through. Havanese, Pugs and Papillions breed wins particularly were the stuff of which dreams are made. Danny the Pomeranian and Curtiss Smith, David Fitzpatrick and the pekingese, Kathy… read more


Live coverage from the Garden floor….

Hound group is on the carpet. Ginny Lyne, from British Columbia, Canada, presiding over 32 gorgeous Best of Breed winners. Sighthounds and scent hounds representing some of the most ancient breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Our first excitement of the night is breeder/owner/handler Karen Wagner with Afghan Hound GCH  Pahlavi Itz Not my… read more

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