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National Parent Club Canine Health Conference

08/07/2015 – 08/09/2015 St. Louis, Missouri Hyatt Regency at The Arch This biennial event is hosted by the AKC Canine Health Foundation and generously sponsored by the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. Registration Now Open! Registration Procedure All AKC Parent Clubs and other clubs who participate in the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program are guaranteed one… read more

Substantial Reduction in the Number of Abandoned Dogs Entering Shelters

Dog lovers all over the US have reason to celebrate news from the NAIA, which reported recently that the number of dogs entering US shelters has dropped significantly over the past few decades to new lows. Digging deeper into the matter, NAIA also learned that only about three percent of dogs in our country’s shelters… read more

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AKC Board Meeting Minutes for June 2015

Some interesting items covered here from the AKC June Board Meeting! Minutes are provided here for each meeting of the American Kennel Club Board of Directors. The Board meets eight times a year. Please also refer to the minutes of theDelegates Meetings, which are held in March, June, September and December. CLICK HERE TO READ!… read more

We Are in it For the Dogs Aren't We?

Where is Max? Thanksgiving weekend, 2014, when a stray dog was spotted in Mt. Jackson, VA, Good Samaritans visiting relatives for the Holiday observed a disheveled light colored Scottie wandering the neighborhood scouring the garbage of houses looking for food. Initially, they asked people in nearby homes if they recognized the dog and if they… read more

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Stamford, Connecticut, Considering Significant Changes to City Animal Care Ordinance

A committee of Stamford, Connecticut’s Board of Representatives is currently considering changes to Chapter 111 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, which currently deals with “Dogs and Other Animals”.  The changes include use of the term “guardian” to describe the relationship between dogs and their owners and requires breeders to acquire breeder permits.  The American… read more

UK Breed Clubs Ask for KC Support to Stop FCI Meddling with Tibetan Breeds’ Status

CLUBS representing the Tibetan breeds have jointly written to the Kennel Club about the decision of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) to change their breeds country of origin from Tibet to China. The decision by the FCI, announced last week, sparked a wave of protest and emotions ran high when it was suggested that not… read more


China’s Kennel Club Speak Out in WDS Row

CHINA’S Kennel Club has condemned the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and announced that the motto for the 2019 World Dog Show will be “Respect for Life in A World of Love”. The CKU was awarded the right to hold the 2019 WDS last month by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) but has remained silent in… read more

Spotlight on the Specialties: American Spaniel Club

The American Spaniel Club will be hosting its 39th Annual National Specialty sponsored by ASC Zone II, July 16–18, 2015, at the Purina Farms facility in Gray Summit, Missouri. In addition, the South Atlantic Cocker Spaniel Club of Zone II, will host a regional specialty on Sunday, July 19, providing cocker with another opportunity to compete across… read more


An Opportunity for Crufts to Upscale

Considering how badly it started, with the tragic deaths of the Russian handlers and their dogs, the escaped Sheltie at Calais, and the road accident involving the young German Shorthaired Pointer, the World Dog Show in Milan turned out to be very successful. The Italians had sensibly made use of the Finnish Kennel Club’s expertise… read more


UK Kennel Club ‘Will Not be Attending’ World Show in China

THE KENNEL Club will not be attending the 2019 World Dog Show in China KC secretary Caroline Kisko said today. In the latest twist in the story surrounding the FCI decision to award the 2019 WDS to China Mrs Kisko said the KC ‘fully condemned’ the sale and consumption of dog meat and the Yulin… read more

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