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AKC Booth at the Big E Promoted Purebred Dog to 1.3 Million Attendees

During this year’s The Big E, aka the Eastern States Exhibition, in West Springfield, Massachusetts, the AKC educated attendees about the purbred dog through a booth in the “Farm-a-rama” agricultural section of the exhibition and took part in the exhibition’s popular Connecticut Day Parade. This year, “New England’s Greatest State Fair” attracted 1.3 million people from Sept…. read more

Top Dog 2015 – Three Quarter Leaders

HERE IS the three-quarter stage update for the leaders in the Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog competition 2015, taking into account results up to and including Belfast weekend.   Current leader is the Papillon Shootin Starmaker, a BIS and twice RBIS winner who has also taken five groups up until this point in the year…. read more

The Elkhound

I ABSOLUTELY loved the fascinating breed feature in DOG WORLD the other week spotlighting the Breeds from the Northern Lands… the Scandinavian Breeds. It was introduced with a piece written (and with photographs by) the very knowledgeable Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen depicting well known and some not so well known breeds from the region. I’d read about… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – In a World Gone Mad…

Everything is politicized, polarized and pontificated upon. Discussion and moderate are words rapidly disappearing from the English language in this country. Fear and loathing lead the way in every media outlet. Difference, whether of opinion or appearance or culture, is vilified. Even presenting rational, educated commentary makes one a target, so few are willing to… read more

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Petco Celebrates Halloween with a New Lineup of Costumes and Events

  San Diego, CA (September 15, 2015) – Petco today announced a new collection of adorable Halloween pet costumes now available at Petco stores nationwide and online at Petco.com/Halloween to help pet parents get ready for the trick or treat festivities. New costumes include pumpkin hats, devil capes, superhero costumes and more.   According to… read more

Drake University to Unveil Live Bulldog Mascot Thursday

DES MOINES, IA – Drake University will unveil its newest live bulldog mascot during a special campus event Thursday. The celebration will begin at noon in the southwest corner of Helmick Commons with remarks from Drake University President Marty Martin, Athletic Director Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Live Mascot Director Erin Bell, and Student Body President Kevin… read more


Introducing Best In Show Daily's New Digital Magazine

Welcome everyone to our inaugural edition of Best In Show Daily Magazine. For the last four years, Best In Show Daily has grown from a community in single digits to now the largest multi-channel, multimedia, online-only publication covering the world of purebred dogs with in-depth coverage of shows, performance events, health, politics, and essays from… read more


2016 Westminster Kennel Club Premium List Available Online

The Premium List for the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is now available online here. The 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will be held on Monday and Tuesday, February 15th and 16th, 2015. Breed judging, the special attraction Masters Obedience Championship competition, and Junior Showmanship preliminaries will be at Piers 92 and 94…. read more


One Size Fits All ABS Not Working

Simon Parsons wrote last week about the new American Kennel Club initiative, ‘Bred With H.E.A.R.T.’ and it is a scheme that is well worth a second look. I think it is probable that our KC was first off the mark with its Accredited – later to become Assured – Breeder Scheme, giving a modicum of… read more

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