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Oregon State senate to Vote on Debarking Ban Monday, June 15th

The Oregon State Senate is scheduled to vote on House Bill 3494 on Monday, June 15th and your opposition is needed! The measure will ban the practice of debarking unless it is medically necessary to treat an injury, illness, or congenital defect. This legislation restricts the rights of responsible dog owners to make viable, safe… read more

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Oregon State Senate to Consider Debarking Ban

The American Kennel Club Government Relations department has just learned that a bill is moving through the Oregon State Legislature that would ban the practice of debarking unless it is medically necessary to treat an injury, illness, or congenital defect. The AKC opposes House Bill 3494, which would restrict the rights of responsible dog owners… read more

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AKC Introduces New Online Legislative Action Center

New York, NY – AKC is pleased to announce the launch of a new online Legislative Action Center (http://cqrcengage.com/akc/lac) (LAC). The microsite, designed by the AKC Government Relations Team, is designed to make it easier for dog lovers to learn more about key political issues that impact dogs and dog ownership.  The site is accessible… read more


New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs & Hangtown Kennel Club of Placerville, Ca Honored With AKC Community Achievement Awards

New York, NY – The New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs (NJFDC) and the Hangtown Kennel Club of Placerville, CA (HKC) have each been honored with an American Kennel Club® (AKC®) Community Achievement Award. The awards support and recognize outstanding public education and legislation efforts from AKC-affiliated clubs, AKC-recognized federations and their members. The AKC… read more

AKC Backs Cruelty Hotline Bill

North Carolina’s Senate Bill 209 aims to establish an animal-welfare hotline and website within the state attorney general’s office as well as a court fee to support the investigation of animal-cruelty violations. The AKC supports this bill and AKC Government Relationssees the proposed law as an important step in safeguarding the health and welfare of… read more


AKC Applauds Colorado as First State to Celebrate National Purebred Dog Day

On March 10, the Colorado House and Senate passed Joint Resolution 15-1015, making Colorado the first state to officially designate May 1 as National Purebred Dog Day. The resolution was introduced to coincide with the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs’annual “Dog Days” at the Capitol in Denver. Purebred Dog lovers, celebrity show dogs, and members… read more

Kennel Club of the United Kingdom Severs Ties with Animal Rightists

On Your Bikes! In a move sure to shock everyone, the Kennel Club announced today that they would cease listening to animal rightists and going forward, make decisions on the health, welfare and showing of purebred dogs with people that are not, as described in the press conference “nut jobs.”  After years of being bullied… read more

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Ny Assembly Passes Debarking Ban – Contact the Senate

The NY Assembly has approved a statewide ban on debarking, and now the bill is pending in the Senate Agriculture Committee. The AKC opposes this bill, which would restrict the rights of responsible dog owners to make viable, safe decisions on behalf of their pets in conjunction with their veterinarian. Read AKC’s previous Legislative Alert… read more


Montana Swarmed by ARistas During HB608 Committee Hearing

Unbelievably, Red State Montana Considers Anti Breeder Law. On Tuesday, March 25, the Montana Business and Labor Committee held a hearing about an overreaching animal welfare bill to regulate dog and cat breeders. As it is written now, HB608 does not differentiate between responsible breeding or commercial breeding or poor breeding practices or abusive animal… read more

Montana: URGENT Committee Vote On Overreaching Pet Breeder Law Scheduled for March 24

A bill to regulate pet breeders is scheduled to be voted on by the House Business and Labor Committee on March 24. House Bill 608 seeks to establish licensing, inspections, regulations, fees, and penalties for dog and cat breeders.  It would define a “commercial breeder” as: A person or entity who owns, keeps, or harbors… read more

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