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MD to Consider Bill Containing Misleading Findings, Limiting Pet Sales On 3/3

The Maryland House Economic Matters Committee is scheduled to consider a bill tomorrow (Tuesday, March 3) that contains some very troubling legislative findings (including implying that breeders are the reason dogs end up in shelters) and also restricts certain pet sales in the state. AKC encourages Maryland residents to contact the committee and respectfully educate… read more


Long Beach, CA to Vote on Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance – UPDATE!

UPDATE: The proposed mandatory spay/neuter ordinance has been removed from today’s agenda and tentatively rescheduled for March 10th. AKC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. If you have not yet written a letter or email, please do so Dear AKC Delegates, Judges, Club Officers and Legislative Liaisons, Please share this important information… read more


Montana: SUPPORT Bill to Prohibit Breed-Specific Legislation – Hearing 2/16/15

On February 16, 2015, the Montana Senate Local Government Committee is scheduled to consider Senate Bill 239, a bill that seeks to protect the rights of responsible dog owners in Montana. SB 239 would prohibit local governments from enacting or enforcing an ordinance, policy, resolution or other regulation that is specific to the breed or… read more


Bill to Prevent PETA From Killing Dogs and Cats Passes in the Virginia Senate, 33-5

The Virginia Senate has passed a bill aimed at preventing PETA from killing dogs and cats at their headquarters in Norfolk. PETA nominally operates a “shelter” in Virginia, which has killed well over 30,000 animals. As I reported yesterday, in 2014, PETA slaughtered over 88% of the dogs and cats taken in. A number of… read more


North Dakota News: Resolution Would Direct Study of Assistance Dogs

Next Monday, February 9, 2015, the North Dakota House Human Services Committee will consider House Concurrent Resolution 3010. If ultimately approved, the resolution will direct legislative staff to study the identification of properly trained assistance dogs providing legitimate service to their owners, waivers of local registration fees, and the effect of various local ordinances on… read more


Maryland Alert: Senate Bill 26 Could Impact Field Trials, Outdoor Winter Dog Events

The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Wednesday, February 4, that would amend the state’s tethering laws and ban dogs from being left tethered outdoors in extreme cold and winter conditions. However, as introduced it prohibits any dog from being tethered outside unattended for an hour when the temperature… read more


HSUS Launches Lame Web Defense to Criticism

It’s clear that our campaign to expose the deceptive “Humane Society” of the United States has been successful. We have one main message: Only 1 percent of the money given to HSUS winds up at local pet shelters. Most people—including HSUS donors—don’t know this, and it’s due to HSUS’s deceptive fundraising chock full of cats and dogs… read more


Kansas to Consider Expanded Breeder/Rescue Inspections and Regulations on Monday

The Kansas House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources is considering a bill this Monday, January 26, that will expand who must be regulated under the state’s breeder laws. The bill will also create new requirements for those who are involved in rescue and those who keep at least 4 dogs during any week for… read more


Humane Society of the United States Attempts to Bully Oklahoma Attorney General

Group Sues AG to Avoid Accountability Yesterday, the Humane Society of the United States filed a lawsuit against Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who had opened an inquiry into the group’s fundraising last year. HSUS is stonewalling by refusing to turn over documents related to this inquiry. Today, Will Coggin, director of research for the… read more


Moreauville, LA Update: BSL Emergency Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for Monday, Dec. 1

The Village of Moreauville will hold a public meeting Monday, December 1, 2014, to further discuss its recently-adopted draconian vicious dog ordinance. It is vital that all concerned dog owners contact Moreauville officials and express strong opposition to this drastic, unjust, and unnecessary ordinance. RECAP: Last month, the Moreauville Board of Aldermen passed a breed-specific… read more

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