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KC Considering ‘Unique’ Register for Crossbreeds

IF THE Government and the public are to find the Kennel Club credible it must consider the increase in the popularity of crossbred dogs. The issue can no longer be ignored, members were told at the SGM, so the club is to consider opening a unique register for crossbreeds. But it does not want to… read more


Six Kennel Clubs Join Together with Proposals to Reform FCI

SIX KENNEL clubs have joined forces to demand changes from the FCI.   The Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish clubs want to see reform and have come up with a list of propositions they hope will bring it about quickly.   Together, the six countries account for half the FCI’s revenue – making… read more

Top Dog 2015 – Three Quarter Leaders

HERE IS the three-quarter stage update for the leaders in the Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog competition 2015, taking into account results up to and including Belfast weekend.   Current leader is the Papillon Shootin Starmaker, a BIS and twice RBIS winner who has also taken five groups up until this point in the year…. read more

The Elkhound

I ABSOLUTELY loved the fascinating breed feature in DOG WORLD the other week spotlighting the Breeds from the Northern Lands… the Scandinavian Breeds. It was introduced with a piece written (and with photographs by) the very knowledgeable Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen depicting well known and some not so well known breeds from the region. I’d read about… read more


One Size Fits All ABS Not Working

Simon Parsons wrote last week about the new American Kennel Club initiative, ‘Bred With H.E.A.R.T.’ and it is a scheme that is well worth a second look. I think it is probable that our KC was first off the mark with its Accredited – later to become Assured – Breeder Scheme, giving a modicum of… read more

Fashion in Dogs

The selection of photographs of Dachshund Champions throughout the blog are all from the early 1900s. A NUMBER of magazines have recently published articles about several of our native breeds, writing of their crash in numbers and slide in popularity and their impending extinction. In sharp contrast my own breed (the Dachshund) and the French… read more


World Show 2019: FCI’s Behaviour ‘Deplorable’, Says Finnish Kennel Club

THE FINNISH Kennel Club (FKK) has lent its voice to the ongoing clamour caused by the staging of the 2019 World Show in China. It believes the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s reputation has ‘taken a serious blow’ as a result, and this week publicly criticised the way the FCI conducts its business, while voicing concern for… read more


China Kennel Union Responds to World Show Criticism

THE CHINA Kennel Union (CKU) has issued a statement on the work it has done to try to improve canine welfare in its country. The statement, which is on the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s (FCI) website and on Facebook, says it has urged its government to take action and hopes other FCI member countries will join… read more

Taking a Big Cat to a Dog Show

Tuesday 21st, July And so to ay four, the final sprint down to Split, well not actually to Split but to the village of Omis about 20kms south of Split where the Villa Dvor will be home for the next week and yes Satnav didn’t work once we left Italy but we largely survived. The… read more


An Opportunity for Crufts to Upscale

Considering how badly it started, with the tragic deaths of the Russian handlers and their dogs, the escaped Sheltie at Calais, and the road accident involving the young German Shorthaired Pointer, the World Dog Show in Milan turned out to be very successful. The Italians had sensibly made use of the Finnish Kennel Club’s expertise… read more

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