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Dogs in the Media 2015 – Time to Fight Back

Years ago, when still at college, I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist. Then, in the autumn of 1991, by a series of strange coincidences, I met a lady that would completely turn that idea on its head. She was an American soul singing megastar and we were to be friends for… read more


Judges Have Their Say On KC/FCI Mutual Agreement

TWO international judges have responded to the agreement of mutual recognition which has been reached between Kennel Club and Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) judges. DOG WORLD reported last week that the FCI has allowed the KC’s top 16 judges to judge all KC CC breeds at shows in countries affiliated with the FCI, but that… read more

Judges Held in Esteem?

I DON’T know how many of you take the trouble to read the minutes of the Kennel Club liaison council for whatever aspect of the dog world you are involved in. It’s worth doing so to see what the delegates are putting forward on your behalf and it may well be that some of their… read more

AKC and FCI Stalemate

I AM disappointed to see that the American Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, in particular the latter’s Asia and Pacific Section, are still in a stalemate over this ridiculous blacklisting of judges. One really would have thought better of the AKC, at least, and hope that it would have behaved with a bit… read more

UK Toy Dog Championship Show: Best In Show

THIS WAS the first time I had been to the UK Toy show, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my day. Stafford Showground is one of my favourites with a great central location, easy parking and a warm venue. There was a great variety of trade stands at the show with a few new… read more

Knopa’s Heritage

The Background to the Crufts winners I always find fascinating, especially when they are dogs from overseas whose breeding we are not so familiar with. It had been 86 years since a Scottish Terrier last won best in show at Crufts, but the two animals are directly connected in the tail male line. ‘Knopa’, multi-titled… read more

Late Entries Boost Hoogstraten’s Total

A FEW weeks ago I received a letter from the committee of Belgium’s Hoogstraten show; with much pride they announced an impressive entry. In 2013 the show had 1,619 entries, two years later 2,377 dogs were in competition – amazing! Last year the hall with the main ring was divided so that the available space… read more

Woman Prosecuted for Docking Tails of Two Boxer Litters

A BOXER breeder has become the first person in Northern Ireland to be prosecuted for docking dogs’ tails. Edith Burton, 36, was sentenced at Coleraine Magistrates’ Court and ordered to carry out 160 hours’ community service as well as pay £216 costs. Burton, whose address was given as formerly of Loughanhill Park, Coleraine, Co Derry,… read more

KC Says No Evidence of Mistreatment by Crufts Obedience Competitor

ALLEGATIONS that an obedience competitor harshly handled his Border Collie in the car park of the National Exhibition Centre at Crufts have been refuted. David Holzman, who competes regularly for Canada in the Obedience World Cup at the show, said his bitch had picked up some canine faeces and he was trying to get it… read more


Double Success at Crufts

TRADITIONALLY, in this week’s issue I like to celebrate those of you, or your dogs, who were involved, as breeder, owner or handler, with more than one Crufts CC winner or the equivalent. My apologies in advance if I haven’t mentioned any of you; please let me know so we can rectify this. The Vizslas… read more

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